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The question of erectile dysfunction has been quite prevalent among old age males in the past but it is also growing among adult males due to the hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating. It is a disorder in which the men are unable to sustain a solid erection for the time required and therefore do not fully enjoy sexual intercourse. Where left untreated, it may lead to depression and several other psychological effects.

As the ED epidemic among the males grew, pharmaceutical companies began to work on a solution that works to cure the problem quickly and without any harmful side effects. As a result, various medical, as well as natural remedies, are now available. These are divided into different types depending on their jobs and how they last longer including generic, licensed, and weekenders.

Weekender pill is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique name and functionality. Weekender pill contains the Tadalafil as the main active ingredient which allows you to last longer than and branded generic ED medicines. The effects of weekend pills can last as long as 36 hours which is 3 to 4 times greater than those of generic and branded drugs. This offers more versatility and spontaneity than other ED products. For example: you can take it on Saturday morning and enjoy its impact and benefits until the evening of the weekend. Therefore they are called weekends.

How's it working out?

Weekenders can be taken at least 30-40 minutes before the sexual activity just like any other ED medications. You should take it as a whole and neither break it nor chew it. Unlike other ED medicines recommended for taking with an empty stomach, it may even be taken with a fatty meal. It will work as efficiently as other ED medicines because of the type of meal, without getting slow.

It works by relaxing the muscles and tissues and thus the blood flow to the penis increases. As the blood vessels and arteries that carry blood to the penis work properly, the penis becomes intact and harder during sexual intercourse for the desired amount of time. This is the standard use of any ED, such as Generic Sildenafil, Generic Viagra medicines. Weekends do anything special to last longer and longer than other ED medications.

Weekenders smooth the penile tissue muscles and relax the muscle's nerve ending which releases nitric oxide in return. It is very important to release nitric oxide, as it is important to promote the relaxation of the penile vessels and deeper penetration of blood. This lasts longer than other ED drugs, up to 36 hours.

Weekends or Medicines for ED?

Weekenders and ED medications function both by calming the blood vessels and the arteries. However, their various medical compositions and main active ingredient may have different effects and side effects but both result in the same result. Both the medicines will not only work by taking them, to reap the optimum benefits you need to be sexually stimulated and excited.

Both medicines have no direct effect on penile tissues and cause no harm. Then, they adjust the chemicals in the brain and body, so that at the moment of sexual desire you can have a healthy erection. These drugs can help you get a healthy erection when sexual intercourse happens. Nonetheless, you should always remember that if you face any hearing-related issues and take nitrate-based heart medicines such as nitroglycerin, you should avoid any ED medicines as they can lead to serious health problems.

Until taking any ED medication cenforce tablets online in UK or weekend pills, you should always consult your doctor because your doctor will do a thorough examination and will check your physical and psychological health until issuing you any prescription and dosage of the respective medicines.


Various ED medicines are available, such as 

  • Generic Cialis

  • Generic Levitra 

  • Generic Sildenafil 

  • Generic Viagra 

Weekenders such as 

  • Tadalafil

Both drugs are available online and over the counter. But always check with your doctor. Currently available is cheap generic Levitra, but you should avoid taking these drugs, as they are not licensed and checked. safehealths from us on the same trust and reliability as the branded ones. Buy tadalista 20mg online at cheap price from safe healths.

Weekends vs. ED Medicines – What Are You Expected to Use & Why?
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