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Telephone Directory of Hotel / Guest House in Gaya, Bihar

Hotel / Guest House Name Location Phone / Mobile Number
MAHABODHI Bodh-Gaya 7546988900
HOTEL IMPERIAL Bodh-Gaya 9810281794
DELTA INTERNATIONAL Bodh-Gaya 2200854, 9431225234
HOTEL GOUTAM Bodh-Gaya 2200109, 943129009
ROYAL RESIDENCY Bodh-Gaya 2200124, 9431831836
HOTEL TAJ DARBAR Bodh-Gaya 2200053, 9471002293, 7739320524
HOTEL GALAXY Bodh-Gaya 2200006, 9430247704
HOTEL ANAND INTERNATIONAL Bodh-Gaya 2200026, 9934891205
HOTEL SUJATA Bodh-Gaya 2200481, 9504440844, 9431224695
BODHGAYA REGENCY HOTEL Bodh-Gaya 2200415, 8969466281, 7070192142
LOTUS NIKKO HOTEL Bodh-Gaya 2200700, 2200789,993127668
HOTEL TATHAGAT INTERNATIONAL Bodh-Gaya 2200506, 9939491063
R.K INTERNATIONAL Bodh-Gaya 2200506
HOTEL NIRANJANA Bodh-Gaya 2200475, 9431477395
HOTEL JEEVAK Bodh-Gaya 2200646, 9934473633
HOTEL MAHAMAYA Bodh-Gaya 2200676,9931276680
SAMBODHI RETREAR Bodh-Gaya 6950080
HOTEL BODH VILAS Bodh-Gaya 9096857085, 9711047700
HOTEL DREAM PALACE Bodh-Gaya 9431289275, 9031849580
HOTEL TOSHITA Bodh-Gaya 2200760, 9304636579
HOTEL LUMBNI Bodh-Gaya 2200351
BODHGAYA RIGENCY Bodh-Gaya 2200236
HOTEL URVELA Bodh-Gaya 2200236, 9835417477
HOTEL VISHAL Bodh-Gaya 2200459
HOTEL SHASHI INTERNATIONAL Bodh-Gaya 2200483, 9430201308
HOTEL OM INT. Bodh-Gaya 9199186640
HOTEL PRINCE Bodh-Gaya 2200141, 2200380,9934714717
HOTEL VIPASHNA Bodh-Gaya 9430841313, 9006307888
ANUKUL GUEST HOUSE Bodh-Gaya 2200118
RAHUL BUDHA GUEST HOUSE Bodh-Gaya 2200536, 9431289421
RAINBOW GUEST HOUSE Bodh-Gaya 2200308, 9431280810
SHANTI GUEST HOUSE Bodh-Gaya 2200129, 9835818081
BEEYUTY GUEST HOUSE Bodh-Gaya 9472932045
OAKS HOTEL Bodh-Gaya 0631-2200223, 7542023501
HOTEL JATAK Bodh-Gaya 9415228455
Hotel Vishal Gaya 0631&2222307
Hotel Rajvada Gaya 9431297641
Ahaliyabay Bhawan Gaya 8521821928, 9431271837
Arya Niwas Gaya  
Palika Villa Gaya 9934033567
Shri Vishnu Agency Gaya 9708829929
Royal Hotel Arya Gaya 9431270867
Hotel Gaya Regency, Gaya Gaya 0631-2221153, 9934098892
Satyam Internationl, Gaya Gaya 9430057604
Hotel Ajatsatru/Swagat Hotel Gaya 9934480814
Hotel Gawtam, Gaya Gaya 9386804133
Vikash Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9334233672
Aalok Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9835293435
Mushkan Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9939391978
Aanand Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9304104555
Classick Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9771532865
Raj Kumar Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9304463428
Vishnu Bhojanalay, Gaya Gaya 9939208410
Vishnu Rest House, Gaya Gaya 9472971649, 8092742622
Singh Station View, Gaya Gaya 0631-2222045, 9973941235
Aakash Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9471002103
Budha Bihar, Gaya Gaya 9709866604
Lal Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9934058151
Laxman Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9973940360
Atithi Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9431290446
Chabra Regidency, Gaya Gaya 9835414667
Grand Place, Gaya Gaya 9122928709
Pal Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9386067942
Chandralok Guest House, Gaya Gaya 7352474945
Tirupati Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9097553241
Durga Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9430476313
Swathi Guest House, Gaya 9934414265
Shivam Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9835292117
Siddharth Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9102162888, 9102163888
Hotel Orbit, Gaya Gaya 0631-2220958
Samman Hotel, Gaya Gaya 9934024179
Bishnu Maya, Rest House, Gaya Gaya 9771532865
Prithivi Rest House Gaya 7549518665
Hotel Vrindawan, Gaya Gaya 0631-2229999, 9934011735
Hotel Neelkamal, Gaya Gaya 0631-2221050, 9955062668
City Surya, Gaya Gaya 0631-2222321, 7783806661
Hotel Surya, Gaya Gaya 0631-2224004, 9431081702
Hotel Royal Surya, Gaya Gaya 9334477222
Hotel Garv, Gaya Gaya 0631-2222069, 2222269, 9431224402
Saraogi Hotel, Gaya Gaya 0631-2222575
Saraogi Place, Gaya Gaya 0631-2220999, 9431223203
Vishnu International, Gaya Gaya 0631-2224422
Royal Guest House, Gaya Gaya 9661533562
Hotel Vishal, Gaya Gaya 0631-2222307
Palm Gurden, Gaya Gaya 9939408422
Hotel Vize, Gaya Gaya 9431289874
New Vize, Gaya Gaya 9470411456
Kripal Lodge, Gaya Gaya 9955062902
Telephone Directory of Hotel / Guest House in Gaya, Bihar

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1. Old Question Papers for various services (Bihar)
Old Question Papers for various services: 01. Bihar Administration Service SR Subject  Year   Year  1. Law Part-1 with Books [21]
2. Sri Vishnu Dham, Barbigha, Sheikhpura Bihar
Sri Vishnu Dham, Barbigha, Sheikhpura Located in the middle of a mighty pond, this temple now hosts the 2nd largest Idol of Lord Vishnu in the world. The idol was made of Black Granite during the Gupta period. A part of the Idol was always visible since many years on the banks of the same pond where this temple is now built in. But after mistaking it as a simple black stone for years, it was unearthed finally in 1992 to be found that it was the second largest Idol standing 7.5 feet high made
3. Tourist Places in Siwan, Bihar
Mahendra Nath Temple Mahendra Nath Temple is Situated in Mehdar village under Siswan block, about 32 km south from the district headquarters, Mahendra Nath temple of Lord Shiva attracts visitors,including foreigners, from far flung areas.
4. Tourist Places in Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Tourist Places in Muzaffarpur, Bihar Kolhua AShok Pillar At Kolhua Location : Lat. 260 00’ 51” N ; Long. 870 06’ 32” E District : Muzaffarpur State : Bihar Excavation years : 1989-1990, 1992-93, 2010-11 Kolhua is situated about 65 kms north-west of Patna in Muzaffarpur district, where Mauryan emperor Ashoka, ‘the great’ had erected monolithic, polished sandstone pillar, consisting of a
5. Tourist Places in Saharsa Bihar
This space highlights the tourist places to visit in the district. It also displays the information such as description, how to reach, where to stay  and other activities at tourist place.
6. Tourist Places in Jehanabad Bihar
Tourist Places in Jehanabad Bihar - Barabar Caves Barabar Caves are situated in the hilly area near Makhdumpur, 25 km south of Jehanabad. These ancient rock-cut Buddhist chambers date back to 3rd Century A.D. and are renowned as the place of origin of the Ajivika sect. Baba Siddhnath Temple, also known as the Shiva Temple and originally known as Siddheshwar Nath Temple, is located at one of the highest peaks in the range of the Barabar Hills. The temple was built du
7. Tourist Place in West Champaran, Bihar
Tourist Place in West Champaran, Bihar VALMIKINAGAR: – Formally known as BHAINSA LOTAN, it is a famous tourist spot where a dam is built on the river Gandak (Gandak Project). This dam and its channels are the lifeline of north-western part of Bihar. This channel also irrigates some portions of eastern U.P. This dam is also generating hydro-electricity. This dam has been handed over to the nation by late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the then Prime Minister. F
8. Katyayani Mandir, Khagaria, Bihar
Katyayani Mandir, Khagaria, Bihar Katyayani Asthan is situated at distance of approximately 12 kms. From the Districtheadquaters, on the bank of river Koshi, between the stations Badlaghat and Dhamaraghat , which are stations on Mansi-Saharsa rail line. Temples of Ma Katyayani , as well as of Ram, Lakshman and Ma Janaki is situated at this place. Every Monday and Friday , large number of devotees come to this place for offering puja. As per the local folk traditions, Ma Katya
9. Ugana Mahadev Madhubani, Bihar
Ugana Mahadev Madhubani, Bihar Bhavani is situated in the village, 3 kms from Pandaul railway station. It is said that Lord Shiva became so influenced by the devotion of Vidyapati that he used to live with Vidyapati as a servant. According to the story of Lokmanas, Lord Shiva turned his disguise into a foolish bast and came to the Vidyapati and began to serve. While working here, he became a professor of Vidyapati. Vidyapati went wherever they went and took the gourd with them. Grow too yes w
10. Tourist Place in Vaishali, Bihar - Ashoka Pillar
Tourist Place in Vaishali, Bihar - Ashoka Pillar Emperor Ashoka built The Lion Pillar at Kolhua. It is made of a highly polished single piece of red sandstone, surmounted by a bell shaped capital, 18.3 m high. A life-size figure of a lion is placed on top of the pillar. There is a small tank here known as Ramkund. This pillar beside a brick stupa at Kolhua commemorates Buddha’s last sermon
11. Tourist Place in Araria, Bihar
Raniganj Vriksh Vatika ‘Raniganj Vriksh Vatika’ is located 30 km west of Araria District Headquarters of Bihar State. It is situated at a distance of 25 km from the east side of S.H. 77, which is 310 km north-east of Patna and forbesganj four-lane (NH 57) to South Kursela. This site is the forest land notified by the Bihar government. The ‘Raniganj Vriksh Vatika’ area was formerly known as Hasanpur Balu Dhima. This area spread over 289 acres has been developed a
12. Tourist Places in East Champaran, Bihar
Tourist Places in East Champaran, Bihar Someshwar Shiv Mandir, Areraj Areraj is a holy city of North Bihar which is 28 Km. south West from Motihari linked with pucca road. The famous Someshwar Nath Mahadev Temple is age old which attracts lakhs of pilgrims from other districts as well as Nepal on the occasion of Shrawani Mela (During July-August). Areraj a village has developed up to town and now it is the Headquarter of Areraj Subdivision. Also at Areraj l
13. Places of Tourist Interest in Munger, Bihar
Places of Tourist Interest in Munger, Bihar CHANDI ASTHAAN Chandika Sthan is a temple situated in Munger, in the Indian States and territories of India” state of Bihar. It is one of the fifty one Shakti Peethas, places of worship consecrated to the goddess Shakti. On the Northeast corner of Munger, Chandika Sthan is just two kilometers away from the Munger town.
14. Gautam Sthan , Revelganj, Chappra Bihar
Gautam Sthan , Revelganj,Chappra : The Ashram of Gautam Rishi is situated 10-12 km west of Chapra on NH19 in Godnah/Revelganj  situated on the northern bank of River Ghagra also called as Saru River. Earlier
15. Union Power Minister inaugurates REC CSR projects worth Rs. 1.64 Crore in Koilwar (Bhojpur District), Bihar
Shri. R K Singh, the Minister of State (IC) for Power & New and Renewable Energy dedicated CSR projects undertaken by REC Ltd. (Formerly Rural Electrification Corporation) worth Rupees 1.64 Crore, in Koilwar (Bhojpur Dirtict, Bihar, through video conferencing yesterday. There were a total of 14 schemes, which included 8 schemes for construction of P.C.C. roads, 3 schemes for installation of LED/ Solar and high mast lights, Construction of 3 community halls. The main objective of the project is to imp
16. Kutagarshala , Vaishali , Bihar India
Kutagarshala , Vaishali , Bihar India         The Kutagarshala represents the spot were Buddha used to stay during the rainy seasons spent at Vaishali. Excavation have exposed three phase
17. Prime Minister dedicates the historic Kosi Rail Mahasetu to the Nation
The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dedicated the historic Kosi Rail Mahasetu to the Nation and inaugurated new Rail Lines and Electrification Projects in Bihar for the benefit of passengers through video conference. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said a new history has been created in the field of rail connectivity in Bihar. He said projects worth about Rs 3000 crore like inauguration of Kosi Mahasetu and Kiul Bridge, electrification projects, promotion of Make i
18. Agam Kuan Shitala Devi temple, Patna Bihar
Agam Kuan, Patna Bihar Agam Kuan is 105' deep, circular in plan, with a diameter extending over 20'2". The well is brick-encased in the upper half of its depth (down to 44') and thereafter, secured by a series of wooden rings. The surface structure, which now covers the well and forms its most distinctive feature, has eight arched windows. During the 1890s, the British explorer, Laurence Waddell, while exploring the ruins of Patliputra, identified Aga
19. Prime Minister inaugurates various projects under Namami Gange yojana and AMRUT yojana in Bihar
The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated various projects under 'Namami Gange' Yojana and 'AMRUT' Yojana in Bihar. Four schemes inaugurated today include sewerage treatment plants at Beur and Karam-Leechak in Patna city, as well as water-related projects in Siwan and Chhapra under the 'AMRUT' Yojana. Apart from this, foundation stones were laid today for
20. Text of PM's address at the launch of multiple development projects in Bihar
बिहार के गवर्नर श्री फागू चौहान जी, बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री श्री नीतीश कुमार जी, केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल के मेरे सहयोगी श्री हरदीप सिंह पुरी जी, श्री रविशंकर प्रसाद जी, केंद्रीय और राज्य मंत्रिमंडल के
21. Orwell Museum , Birth Place of Gorge Orwell, Motihari Bihar
Orwell Museum , Birth Place of Gorge Orwell, Motihari :- Orwell Museum , Birth Place of Gorge Orwell, Motihari:-
22. Kesariya Stupa (Buddha Stupa) Bihar
Kesariya Stupa ( Buddha Stupa ) Bihar Situated in the East Champaran district of Bihar, Kesariya serves as the place of the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. Kesariya stupa, as it is known, is located
23. Koshi Mahasatu Bihar
Koshi Mahasatu :-
24. Shilanath Temple, Silhauri Bihar
Shilanath Temple, Silhauri, Bihar  
25. Mandar Hills , Banka Bihar
Mandar Hills , Banka Bihar : -  Mandar Parvat (Mandar hill) is a small mountain situated in Banka district of Bihar. This awesome isolated, singular boulder hill appears as a gigantic monolith rising at a height of 7
26 Technical Assistant & Accountant-cum-IT Assistant Recruitment in Panchayat Office Aurangabad, Bihar #Bihar 6 Days Remaining for Apply
Technical Assistant & Accountant-cum-IT Assistant Recruitment in Panchayat Office Aurangabad, Bihar Announcement Regarding Technical Assistant & Accountant-cum-IT Assistant Recruitment Title Description Start Date End Date File Announcement Regarding Technical Assistant &am ...
27 Recruitment of Assistant Sub-Inspector and Sergeants in Bihar Police by BPSSC #Bihar 0 Days Remaining for Apply
Recruitment of Assistant Sub-Inspector and Sergeants in Bihar Police by BPSSC Bihar Police Subordinate Services Commission (BPSSC) invites online application on prescribed format for Direct Recruitment to the Sarkari Naukri Vacancy posts ofSub Inspectors and Sergeants in Bihar Police. (Advertisement No. 3/2020). BPSSC Bihar PoliceSub Inspectors and Sergeants Recruitment 2020 Vacancies Sub-Inspector (Steno): 1998 vacancies, Pay Level-6 ₹35400 ...
28 Recruitment of Assistant Professors Engineering College Vacancy by Bihar PSC 2020 #Bihar 6 Days Remaining for Apply
Recruitment of Assistant Professors Engineering College Vacancy by Bihar PSC 2020 Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)  invites Online Applications from Indian Citizens for the recruitment 2020 of following Faculty Sarkari Naukri vacancy posts of  Assistant Professors in various subjects/disciplines for State Engineering Colleges in the state of Bihar for Science and Technology Department of Government of Bihar.  Bihar PSC Assistant Professor of Eng ...
29 बिहार तकनीकी सेवा आयोग | आयुष चिकित्सा पदाधिकारी की नियुक्ति हेतु विज्ञापान #Bihar 30 Days Remaining for Apply
बिहार तकनीकी सेवा आयोग | आयुष चिकित्सा पदाधिकारी की नियुक्ति हेतु विज्ञापान बिहा ...
30 ICMR Scientist-B vacancy Recruitment 2020 #Scientist & Research 8 Days Remaining for Apply
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) under Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India will conduct a computer-based examination on 01/11/2020 for recruitment of various Scientist-B (Medical/Non-Medical) vacancy posts and hence invites online application on prescribed format from Indian nationals for filling up these Government Job Vacancy posts of Scientist-B in various disciplines. (Advertisement No. ICMR/SC-B/2020) ICMR Scientist-B Recruitmen ...
31 UPSC Government Jobs Vacancy Recruitment 10/2020 #UPSC 7 Days Remaining for Apply
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Dholpur House, New Delhi invites Online application on prescribed recruitment form by 01/10/2020 for following Sarkari Naukri Government Jobs vacancy posts especially Specialist (Faculty (Assistant Professor) and Assistant Director (Statistics - Census Operations etc. in various Central Government Departments/Organisations in the prescribed online format (Advt. No. 10/2020). UPSC Government Jobs Advt. No. 10/2020 Vacancies ...
32 Various Job in Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) #Jobs 6 Days Remaining for Apply
                                                              ICSI House , 22 , Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi –110003 ...
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