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Send personalized email messages to your contacts with Mail Merge for Gmail. Each email message is unique and, unlike putting email addresses in the CC or BCC fields, every recipient will receive your intended message as if it were sent solely to them. Email tracking will help you know when people have read your email.


You can use Gmail Mail Merge for sending mass emails easily. Send holiday greetings (with emojis), event invites, school assignments, press releases, schedule birthday messages in advance, create rich email newsletters or reach existing customers with any upcoming offers in your store.


Mail Merge works with Gmail and G Suite (Google Apps) accounts. You can send merged emails immediately or use the built-in scheduler and send emails at a later date and time.


You can compose email templates inside Gmail or use the built-in visual HTML editor to create rich text emails using HTML and CSS. Gmail now supports media CSS queries in addition to inline CSS styles.


Mail Merge supports email aliases so you can send emails on behalf of someone. For instance, your office secretary may perform mail merge but send emails from your own Gmail account.



Mail Merge Features


➩ One-click importing of Google Contacts for sending personalized emails

➩ Insert different file attachments for each email recipient.

➩ Included emojis and animated GIF images in the message body and emoji in the subject

➩ Skip sending emails to rows that are hidden in the sheet or filtered.

➩ Upload files from your computer or select existing documents from your Google Drive

➩ Send merged emails immediately or schedule messages for sending later.

➩ Automatically CC or BCC every email message to your CRM or any other email address.

➩ Send emails on behalf of any other email address that is configured as an alias in Gmail.

➩ Write your messages in plain text, rich HTML or use an existing Gmail draft as and email template.

➩ No Mail Merge branding included in email footer [Premium]

➩ Automatically create drafts in Gmail from Mail Merge [Premium]

➩ Track your email opens  (read receipts) and clicks on links  [Premium]

➩ Add an unsubscribe link to your email campaigns, view unsubscribes report  [Premium]

➩ The email bounced reports show messages that were not delivered [Premium]

➩ Give your contacts an option to unsubscribe from your mail list [Premium]

➩ Send a test email to verify your Mail Merge campaign setting before sending the email blast to all recipients

➩ Set the Mail Merge Status column to SKIP if you would like to skip merging certain rows in the current batch.


The email subject line and the message body can be personalized for each recipient. Email messages can also be CC'ed or BCC'ed to one or more people.


You can include different attachments from Google Drive for each person and the email messages can be either in plain text or include rich-text (HTML) formatting. You can write the emails in HTML directly inside the Google Spreadsheet or you can create a draft message inside your Gmail account and use that as a template for Mail Merge.


The email opens can also be tracked with Google Analytics. The Mail Merge program adds a 1x1 tracking image to the message body, similar to other solutions like Sidekick, Streak, and Yesware mail trackers, and if the recipient has enabled image downloads in their email client, the open activity is recorded.


Mail Merge can import Google Contacts into the sheet so you don't have to manually type the email addresses of your contacts. If a person has multiple email addresses, the Merge app gets the primary email address and if not available, it gets the Work email or the Home email.


Each message you send out has the same information but certain parts of the email are unique and each person in the mailing list is addressed individually.


How many emails can I send per day?


All Mail Merge users can send 50 email recipients per day. You can upgrade to Premium Edition to increase your daily email quota.


Go to the Google Sheet > Add-ons > Mail Merge with Attachments > Show Email Quota to know your daily email quota that will be available after you upgrade to Mail Merge Premium. The quota is:


Mail Merge (Premium) for Gmail Accounts - 300

Mail Merge (Premium) for Google Apps for Work - 1500 (only available to paid Google Apps for Work accounts on Apps domains that are a few months old). You need a Mail Merge license to use the 1500 limit.


Google will automatically reset your daily quota around 1 PM PST.


Attachment Size Limits


For email drafts, the maximum attachment size limit is 15 MB.

For email messages, the maximum file attachment size is 15 MB for Google Apps, GSuite and Gmail accounts.


If you need to insert bigger files with your Gmail messages, you should upload the file to Google Drive, create a shared link and insert that link into your email message body.


Date and Time Formatting


If you have columns in your Google Spreadsheet that contain date and time, you should format the column as text (right-click the entire column, go to Format -> Number -> Plain Text).


Alternatively, use the =TEXT() formula to display the date and time in the desired format.


For scheduled date column, format it as date and time as described in this tutorial:


Mail Merge Resources and Tutorials


➩ YouTube video tutorial:

➩ Mail Merge Tutorials:

➩ Email Sending Limit:

➩ Privacy Policy:

➩ Upgrade to Mail Merge Premium:

➩ Email Support:

➩ Twitter Support:


➩ Email Open Reports

➩ Send email from a different address


Send personalized email messages to your contacts with Mail Merge for Gmail
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