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The Eight names of Lord Shiva

The Eight names of Lord Shiva

Atmalingam: It was worshipped by Mother Parvati in Kailash Parvat. Lord Shiva has been referred by this name in ShivaPuran.

Maheshwar Lingam: As the Jyotirlingam was established by Lord Vishnu, its name, Maheshwar, is related with the name of Lord Vishnu.

Kamad Lingam: In hindi, Kamad means desire. Lord Vishnu had worshipped Lord Shiva for fulfillment of his desires and hence the name Kamad Lingam attributed to Lord Shiva.

Ravaneshwar Lingam: Lord Shiva got this name as the daemon King Ravana was his great devotee.

Baidyanath Lingam: The Baidya (physician) of Gods. Lord Shiva has also been admired as a curer of diseases. Hence he became known as Baidyanath (The head of physicians).

Margalingam: The hindi word Marga means Shining. The illustration of Chandrakanta Mani on top of the Baba Baidyanath temple, gave him this name.

Tatpurus: The hindi word Tatpurus means almighty. As Lord Shiva may fulfill all types of wishes, he is almighty. In this way he is known by this name.

Bamdev or Baijunath: The devoted cowherd Baiju appeased Shiva by his worship and as per his wish the Lord kept his name.

The Eight names of Lord Shiva
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