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General Awareness Practice Study Material

Indian history and culture
1. What medieval building double dome (Double Dome) whose tomb was built in the first place? - Sikander Lodi's Tomb
2. Where is the pillar on which the peace message of Ashoka and Samudragupta's military victories are engraved details of both? - Prayag
3. AD 1960 by Aurangzeb. In order to suppress the growing power of Shivaji who gets new was expressed? - To Shaista Khan
4. What was the Mughal emperor's coronation twice? - Aurangzeb
5. What dynasty Currencies Shiva is depicted in human form? - Kushan dynasty
6. Supporting treaty Indian ruler who was the first to admit? - Nizam of Hyderabad
7. noted in Kanchi 'Kailash temple' Who built? - Narasimha Varman II
8. What was the Mughal emperors adopted the title King of the South? - Aurangzeb
9. Gandhi-Irwin pact signed Kinhonne instrumental in? - Tej Bahadur Sapru, M. R. Jayakar and b. M. The scribes and liberal leaders
10. What ruler to measure land use Jrib started? - Sher Shah Suri

Indian economy
11. What is the motto of the international forum "The second world is possible '(Another World is possible)? - The World Social Forum (World Social Forum) in
12. (Central Rice Research Institute) is the location of the Central Rice Research Institute? - Cuttack (Orissa)
13. Based on the recommendations of the Committee of National Agricultural Bank was set up? - Shivaraman Committee
14. 'CAPART' (CAPART) What is the full form? - Men's Action and Rural Technology Council for Advanced Negative People
15. Department of the Reserve Bank note issuance gold fund, is required at all times of what value? - 115 cr. 
16. In India, inflation is measured by the index 16. How? - WPI
17 European countries have adopted the name of the unified currency? - Euro
18. Pulses (pulses) which pulses (dal), the MSP for the crop year 2010-11 has been fixed? - Moong dal Rs 3170. Per quintal
19. 'renewable stream scheme which state is concerned? - Rajasthan
20. 'Mr.' (SRI-System of Rice Intensification) technology is used in which areas? - Grain
21. Which elements of the tomato red color is caused by the presence? - Lycopene
22. 'Kanya Vidya Dhan' scheme has been launched in which state? - Uttar Pradesh
23. "In India, special export processing zone '(Special Export Processing Zone) where first established? - In Kandla
24. RBI reduced cash reserve ratio by 24. If the credit, but will affect? - Credit will be less
25. Tax Reform Committee '(Tax Reforms Committee) was appointed the Chairman of? - The king Chelliah

Indian polity and constitution
26. President's national crisis (National Emergency) in what circumstances may announce? - In situations of external aggression and armed rebellion
27. Who was elected unopposed as president of the country? - Neelam Sanjiv Reddy
28. Article 28 of the Constitution under which the impeachment against the President (Impeachment) - Under Article 61
29. What is the underlying purpose behind the policy director of the elements? - Welfare state building

31. The basic rights to which organization has the right to ban necessary? - Parliament
32. The Constitution provides the total schedules? - XII
33. Quo-Warranto Writ literally means what? - "What is your authority?"
34. Who was the first president of the Lok Sabha? - Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar
35. The Constitution provides for the concurrent list of the constitution which has been? - Australia
36. The Constitution of India, which was founded by a constituent assembly Gi- -kabinet mission under the 1946 plan
37. Article 34 imposes restrictions on how fundamental rights? - When martial law be applied anywhere in India
38.Article 38 of the Constitution which has been discussed in the fundamental duties? - Article 51 (A) in
39. The right to personal freedom which officer to be civil? - Top high court and the Supreme Court
40. Who was the first Chairman of the Council of Independent India? - Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

National Freedom Movement
41. Where and when was the establishment of the All India Kisan Sabha? - Lucknow, 1936
42. The establishment of the Muslim League, who was Viceroy of India? - Lord Minto II
43. India, not two nations, this statement is what? - Mohammad Ali Jinnah
44. Bal Gangadhar Tilak 'Father of Indian Anarest' (Father of Indian Unrest) Who said that? - The Belentain Cirol
45. The session of the Muslim League which was attended by Congress? - Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya
46. ​​'passive resistance' (Passive Resistance) was the father of the theory? - Aribind Ghosh
47. "The Indian press Messiah is called Who? - Sir Charles Metcalfe and the Lord Macaulay
48. Hindustan Socialist Republican Army, who did formed? - Chandra Shekhar Azad
49. Lord Lytton which year was held in Delhi Darbar? - Year 1877
50. The crime of nationalism when declared by the British education? - In 1898

Geography of India and abroad
51. Eco-Saunding technique which is used for the task? - To measure the depth of the sea
52. Which country's southernmost point, Cape Farewell? - New Zealand's
53. On which river is the famous Kariba Dam? - Zambezi river
54. The closest stars to Earth (Proxima Santori) How long does the light to reach the earth? - 4.3 years
55. 1 ° latitude are Pradrrshit about how many kilometers? - 111 km
56. "Sandwich Islands" whose old name? - Hawaii Island
57. What are the two countries leading producer of asbestos? - India and USA
58. "Eco-Saunding 'for your use of the work is done? - To measure the depth of the sea
59. Indian territorial waters extend to how far from the coast? - 12 nautical miles
60. Farl is associated with the rule? - From the direction of winds

General Science & Technology
61. Industrial production of polythene is multiplication whom? - Of ethylene
62. "Newton-Seconds' is counter to what amount? - Momentum (Momentum) of
63. The percentage of U-235 in natural uranium is about? - 0.72%
64. Tracking and Renjing -satelait station in India '(Satellite Tracking and Ranging Station-STARS) is located where? - Kawalur (TN)
65. Lighting power, how changes in the cell's energy? - Transformation of light energy into electrical energy
66. Guru water (Heavy Water) molecular weight of the (Molecular Weight) is? - Automatic License assignment
67. internal energy of the ideal gas depends only on the heating to-
68. Which bomb only affects living things, not buildings? - Neutron
69. AB blood group of the person receiving it, sometimes universal (Universal Recipient) also says, because Unmen- antibody (Antibody) are not
70. E.E.G. Whose activity is to enter? - Brain

Law and Justice
71. untouchability (crime) Act was passed in which year? - 1955
72. Who have said to the federal law that the federal Ha'- It Aplembi Paul
73. Which institution for providing legal aid to the poor, free and fair was founded in 1987? - Legal Services Authorities Act
74. What part of the Constitution of India, the card is called the Constitution? - Preamble to the Constitution
75. "Who in the Constitution citizens' basic rights defenders and the guarantor has been established? - The Supreme Court of India

76. Good Harvest Gram element fertilizer (NPK) may be given in the amount of? - 20 kg N + 40 kg P2O5 + 20 kg K2O and 20 kg sulfur / ha
77. A small rash gram (Gram / Chickpea) species of seed per hectare is kept? - 60-65 kg / ha
78. If land zinc (Zn) deficiency, the gram crop fertilizer to be what? - 20 kg zinc sulphate (21% Zn) per hectare
79. Gram (Gram / Chickpea) of Ukta resistant (Wilt Resistant) are species? - Dkp-92-3; KWR-108, JG-315, JG-16, JG-74 and resistant
80. What is the average yields of chickpea? - Some 18-20. / Ha

81. Which of the International Tennis Federation ITF 2015, best female player of the year is awarded to the woman? - American Serena Williams
82. 'Derby' (Derby) which sport is concerned? - Horse racing (Horse Racing) by
83. How long interval since the Asian Games are held? - 4 year time period covered by the
84. In 2015, the American who was honored with the award for best male football player is? - Michael Bradley
85. The first Indian to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games it? - Abhinav Bindra
86. Guru Gobind Singh Sports College has been established in which city? - Lucknow
87. For excellence in game What is the greatest reward? - Arjuna
88. Somdev Verman related to which game players? - Lawn tennis
89. How many players play the game of volleyball? - 6 Players
90. The theme of the Olympic torch-the Journey of Harmony (Journey of Harmony)

91. United Nations Day (UN Day) is celebrated? - October 24
92. Human Resources Development Ministry was established when? - September 26, 1985 
93. "Wadia Institute in Dehradun is related to the subject? - Earth Science (Geology) 
94. Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) Kanpur which has Mirnan nano satellites on the occasion of the golden jubilee celebrations of the Institute been assigned to the President? - Firefly
95. US President Barack Hussein Obama was the candidate of which political party? - Democratic Party
96. India's first successful nuclear tests at Pokhran what the code was called? - Smiling Buddha
97. The United States 'appeal of the Kansians Foundation' (The Appeal of Conscience Foundation) by the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, which was selected for the award? - World Statesman Award
98. Myanmar's opposition leader and former general secretary of the National League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize when? - In 1991
99. The name of the German Parliament? - Bundsteg (Bundestag)
100. Brazil's first female president, who have been selected? - Dilma Rofes

General Awareness Practice Study Material
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