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  • My dear countrymen, Namaskar. Today, is the 26th of July, a very special day…It is Kargil Vijay Diwas. It was on this very day 21 years ago, our Army unfurled the flag of victory in the battle of Kargil. Friends, India can never forget the circumstances under which the battle of Kargil took place. Pakistan had embarked upon this misadventure, nursing delusions of encroaching upon Indian soil, to distract attention from the internal strife prevailing there. India was then in the process of making efforts to foster good relations with Pakistan. But as it is said,

    "बयरु अकारन सब काहू सों।
    जो कर हित अनहित ताहू सों।।"

    Which means, to the wicked, enmity with one and all for no reason comes naturally. People with such a disposition keep thinking of harming even their well-wishers… that is why when India extended a hand of friendship, Pakistan tried to respond, stabbing in the back. But after that, when our gallant Army displayed deeds of valour, when India demonstrated her might the whole world watched it. You can imagine….the enemy lodged in soaring mountainous heights and our armed forces, our brave soldiers fighting from down below! But it was not about victoriously conquering the heights…

    It was the victory of high morale and bravery of our armed forces in the truest sense of the term. Friends, at that point of time, I too was blessed with the opportunity to go to Kargil and witness the gallantry of our Jawans. That day is one of the most precious  moments of my life. I am noticing, today, people are reminiscing the Kargil Victory, throughout the country. On social media, they are saluting their brave heart heroes and paying tributes to those martyred with the #Courage in Kargil. Today, I, on behalf of all countrymen salute the brave soldiers….and along with them I also salute the brave mothers who gave rise to the real heroes, sons of Mother India. I urge the youth of the country to share stories of the heroic deeds of our brave hearts and sacrifices on part of the brave mothers, throughout the day. Friends, today I call upon you to visit, the website www.gallantryawards.gov.in positively. There, you will come across an array of information on our brave warriors and tales of their valour. And when you discuss these with your friends, they will become a source of inspiration. You must certainly visit this website... infact, I would like to insist on multiple visits. Friends, what Atal ji had said from Red Fort during the Kargil war is relevant to all of us even today. Atal ji, had then reminded the nation of a mantra of Gandhi ji. Mahatma Gandhi's mantra was...in the face of any dilemma, in order to decide what to do or what not to do, one must think of the poorest and the most helpless person of India. One must assess whether one’s deed will result in benefitting that particular person or not. Going beyond Gandhi Ji’s thought, Atal ji had said that the Kargil war has given us another Mantra- And the Mantra was – before taking any important decision, we should think whether our step, our endeavor is befitting to the honour of the soldier who laid down his life in those remote mountains. Come, let us listen to the sentiment in the very voice of Atal ji- Let us understand it…the time too has come to accept it.

    Sound byte

    All of us remember that Gandhi ji had given us a Mantra. He had said that in the face of any dilemma in order to decide what to do, you should think of the poorest and the most helpless person of India; ask yourself whether your deed will result in benefiting that particular person. Kargil has given us another Mantra- And the Mantra was – before taking any important decision, we should think whether our step, our endeavor is befitting to the honour of the soldier who laid down his life in those remote mountains.

            Friends in times of war, whatever we say or do has immense bearing on the morale of the soldier, ever vigilant at the border, as well as the morale of his family. We should never forget this… and that is why our conduct, our demeanour, our speech, our statements, our limits, our aims… whatever we do and say, must distinctly be conducive to enhancing the morale & honour of our soldiers. Countrymen bound by a thread of unity, with the Mantra that the Nation is above everything else bolster the strength of our soldiers much more than thousand fold. We are aware of the dictum

    ‘Sanghe Shakti, Kalau Yuge’; the essence of which tells us that there is strength in unity in the present era.

            At times, without paying heed to the essence, we encourage certain things on Social Media that are detrimental to the country. There are times when we keep forwarding things out of sheer curiosity. Despite knowing that it is wrong, we keep doing it. These days, battles are fought not just on borders; they are fought within the country too, on many fronts simultaneously. And every countryman has to decide his or her role in that. We too should determine our roles, fully bearing in mind soldiers fighting on the borders under the harshest conditions.

            My dear countrymen, over the last few months, the way the country fought against Corona unitedly, has proven many apprehensions wrong. Today, the recovery rate in our country is better compared to other countries; the mortality rate in the context of Corona in our country is much less as well, compared to most countries, of course, the loss of even one life is saddening, but India has also succeeded in saving the lives of millions of her people. But friends, the hazards of Corona are far from being over. At many places, it is spreading fast. We need to be extra vigilant. We have to bear in mind that Corona is as fatal today as it was in the beginning – that’s why we have to be fully cautions. Wearing a face mask, using a gamchcha or a light towel to cover, two yard distancing, frequently washing hands, avoiding spitting anywhere, taking full care of hygiene & sanitation- these are our weapons to protect us from Corona. There are times when masks cause inconvenience, one feels like removing them from the face- especially during a conversation. When a mask is required the most, we tend to remove it. At such times, I urge you that whenever you feel your mask is bothersome and you want to remove it, spare a thought for those doctors, those nurses; think of our Corona warriors. You will find them wearing masks for hours together, diligently working to save our lives- sometimes wearing masks for a span of eight to ten hours. Doesn’t that discomfort them? Just think about them… you too will feel that as citizens, we should not be negligent at all; nor let others be so. On the one hand, we have to fight the battle against Corona with full awareness & vigilance; on the other, whatever our responsibilities, through sheer perseverance… business, jobs or studies… we have to lend pace to it, taking it to greater heights. Friends, during the Corona times, our rural regions came up as a beacon of guidance for the entire country. Many examples of effective endeavours on part of local residents of villages & Gram Panchayats are coming to the fore. In Jammu there is a Gram Panchayat named Gram Treva. The sarpanch there is Balbir Kaur Ji. I am told that Balbir Kaur ji got a 30 bed Quarantine Centre constructed in her Panchayat. She also made arrangements for availability of water on roads leading to the Panchayat. She ensured that people did not have to face any problem in washing hands. Not just that Balbir Kaur ji, with a spray pump slung on her shoulder embarks upon sanitization of the entire Panchayat & its neighbourhood, along with volunteers. Similarly, there is a Kashmiri woman sarpanch- Zaitoona Begum ji of Chauntliwaar, Gaanderbal. 

            Zaitoona Begum ji decided that her Panchayat would fight the battle against Corona and along with that, create income opportunities too. She distributed free masks & free ration in the vicinity; at the same time she distributed crop seeds & apple saplings so that people were not subjected to inconvenience in farming & horticulture. Friends, there is another inspiring example from Kashmir. Shriman Mohd Iqbal is the Municipal President of Anantnag. He required a sprayer for sanitization of his area. He was informed that the machine would have to be brought from another town, that too at a cost of Six Lakh Rupees. On this, Shriman Iqbal ji, through his own efforts, designed & made a sprayer machine, and that too at a cost of Fifty Thousand Rupees. There are many similar examples. Such inspiring examples are emerging in the entire country, from all corners, everyday. All of these are worthy of accolades. Challenges did come; but people rose up to them with singular fortitude.

            My dear countrymen, the correct approach, a positive approach always goes a long way in transforming distressing times into opportunities, adversities into triggers of development & progress. In the present times of Corona, we have witnessed how the youth & women of our country have come up with new experiments on the basis of their talent & skills. In Bihar, many women self help groups have begun making masks with Madhubani motifs… by and by, they turned out to be very popular. These Madhubani masks, in a way, propagate a regional tradition; besides protecting health, they also create opportunities for livelihood. You surely know of Bamboo which grows abundantly in the North East. Now, using the same Bamboo, artisans of Tripura, Manipur and Assam have started crafting high quality water bottles and Tiffin-boxes. If you glance at the craftsmanship of these bottles, you will not believe that Bamboo can be used to create such fine products. Moreover, these bottles are eco friendly. Before actually making them, the Bamboo is first boiled, adding Neem and other medicinal shrubs. Thus, these bottles also acquire medicinal value. An example from Jharkhand shows us how small local products can be hugely successful. In Bishunpur, Jharkhand, more than thirty groups are collectively cultivating lemongrass. It takes four months for lemongrass to mature and its oil fetches a decent price in the market. These days, this product is much in demand. I also wish to refer to two regions of the country- both are hundreds of kilometers apart; yet are contributing in making India self reliant in their own unique, novel ways. One is Ladakh; the other is Kutch. The mere mention of Leh-Ladakh creates images of picturesque valleys, mountain heights & whiffs of fresh air. On the other hand, reference to Kutch draws images of an unending desert with no vegetation in sight. In Ladakh, a distinct fruit called chooli or apricot also known as Khubani is grown. This produce has the capacity to transform the economy of the area. But unfortunately, vagaries of supply chains & weather are some of the formidable challenges it keeps facing. To reduce spoilage to the minimum, a new innovation has been adopted for use. This is a Dual system, called solar Apricot Dryer & space heater. This desiccates apricots, other fruits & vegetables as per requirement; that too in a hygienic manner. Earlier, when apricots used to be dried in the vicinity of farms, there would be spoilage, besides loss of quality of fruit on account of dust & rainwater. On the other side, these days, farmers of Kutch are making commendable efforts in the cultivation of Dragon fruit. Many people are perplexed when they hear Kutch & Dragon fruit together. But, today, many farmers there have taken to this activity. Many innovations are taking place for enhancing fruit quality, productivity & yield.         

    I have been told that the popularity of Dragon Fruits is constantly increasing, especially usage in breakfast has increased considerably. The farmers of Kutch have resolved that the country should not import Dragon Fruit and this is what self reliance is all about.

    Friends, when we think of doing something new, think innovatively, then even such tasks become possible, which, in general, no one imagines, as exemplified by some youth of Bihar. Earlier they used to do routine jobs. One day, they decided to start cultivating pearls. In their area, people did not know much about this, but, this group of people, first, gathered all the requisite information, went to Jaipur and Bhubaneswar and took training and started cultivating pearls in their village. Today, they are not just earning a lot from this activity but have also started training the migrant labourers returning from other states at Muzaffarpur, Begusarai and Patna. And for many people, this has opened the avenues to self-reliance.

    Friends, a few days from now, the auspicious festival of Rakshabandhan will be celebrated. These days, I am noticing that many people and institutions are campaigning to celebrate Rakshabandhan this time in a different manner. And many people are linking the festival with Vocal for Local, and this is true too. In society, if the business of a person near our home increases on account of our festivals and thus, in turn, his festival becomes merrier, then the joy of the festival increases manifold. Many felicitations to all the countrymen on Rakshabandhan.

    Friends, the 7th of August is National Handloom Day. The Handloom of India and our Handicrafts encompass a glorious history of hundreds of years. It should be an endeavour on part of all of us to use Indian Handloom and Handicrafts as much as possible, and also communicate to more and more people about them. The more the world knows about the richness and diversity of Indian handloom and handicrafts, the greater our local artisans and weavers will benefit.

    Friends, especially my young friends, our country is changing. How is she changing? How fast is she changing? In what all fields is she undergoing change? If we look at it with a positive point of view, we ourselves will be astounded! There was a time, when whether in sports or other sectors, most people were either from big cities or from famous families or from well-known schools or colleges. Now, the country is changing. Our youth are coming forward from villages, from small towns and from ordinary families. New heights of success are being scaled. These people are moving forward in the midst of crises, fostering new dreams. We see something similar to this in the results of the board exams that have recently been announced. Today in this episode of Mann Ki Baat we will talk to some such talented sons and daughters. Kritika Nandal is one such talented daughter and she is from Panipat in Haryana.

    Modi ji - Hello, Kritika ji Namaste |

    Kritika - Namaste Sir |

    Modi ji - Many congratulations to you for such a good result.

    Kritika - Thank you sir.

    Modi ji - And You must be tired taking so many calls on the telephone these days! So many people must be calling you!

    Kritika - Yes sir.

    Modi ji - And those who congratulate you must themselves also be feeling proud that they know you. How do you feel?

    Kritika - Sir it feels very nice. I myself feel so proud after making parents feel honoured

    Modi ji - Ok tell me who is your biggest inspiration?

    Kritika - Sir, my mummy is my biggest inspiration.

    Modi ji –Wah! Okay, what are you learning from your mother?

    Kritika - Sir, she has faced so many difficulties in her life and yet
                     she is so bold and so strong, sir. Seeing her, I get so  
                     inspired that I feel I should also become like her.

    Modi ji –How educated is your mom?

    Kritika - Sir, she has done her BA.

    Modi ji –Ok she has done her BA!

    Kritika - Yes sir.

    Modi ji - Fine. So, mother must also be teaching you.

    Kritika - Yes sir. She teaches me; tells me everything about the ways
                    of the world

    Modi ji –She must also be scolding you?

    Kritika–Yes Sir, she scolds me also.

    Modi ji –Ok beta, what do you want to do next?

    Kritika - Sir, I want to become a doctor.

    Modi ji –That’s great!

    Kritika– MBBS

    Modi ji - Look, becoming a doctor is not an easy task!

    Kritika - Yes sir.

    Modi ji - You will get the degree because you are brilliant, beta;
               But….’ the life of a doctor…. That is very dedicated to the

    Kritika - Yes sir.

    Modi ji –Some nights ….. the doctor cannot sleep in peace! Sometimes it’s a call from the patient, sometimes its a call from the hospital and then one has to rush. And that is, in a way, 24x7, Three Sixty Five Days! The life of a doctor is dedicated in service of the  people.

    Kritika - Yes Sir.

    Modi ji -And there is a risk too, because you never know  nowadays, the kind of diseases that are there, a big crisis looms even in front of the doctor.

    Kritika–Yes Sir,

    Modi ji – Right Kritika, Haryana has always been an inspiring, encouraging state in the arena of sports in entire India!

    Kritika–Yes Sir.

    Modi ji - So do you participate in any sport? Do you like some sports?

    Kritika - Sir, I played basketball at school.

    Modi ji - Ah, what is your height, are you tall?

    Kritika - No sir, I’m five feet two.

    Modi ji - Well then do you like the game?

    Kritika - Sir, its just passion, I just play the game

    Modi ji – Good, good! Ok Kritikaji, do convey Pranaam to your mother on my behalf, she has made you able like this and has made your life worthy. Greetings to your mother and congratulations and best wishes to you.

    Kritika - Thank you sir.

    Come! We now go to Kerala, Ernakulam to talk to a young   
    man there. the youth of Kerala.


    Modi ji - Hello

    Vinayak - Hello Sir. Namaskar.

    Modi ji - So Vinayak, congratulations!

    Vinayak– Yes. Thank you sir.

    Modi ji – Well done Vinayak, well done!

    Vinayak– Yes. Thank you sir,

    Modi ji - How is the Josh?

    Vinayak – High sir

    Modi ji  – Do you play any sport?

    Vinayak – Badminton.

    Modi ji –   Badminton?

    Vinayak – Yes.. Yes.

    Modi ji – In school ? Or did you have any chance to take a training?

    Vinayak –  No, in school we have already got some training

    Modi ji –  Hmm

    Vinayak -   From our teachers.  

    Modi ji – Hmm

    Vinayak – So that we get opportunity to participate outside

    Modi ji – Wow!

    Vinayak – From the school itself!

    Modi ji – How many states have you visited ?

    Vinayak – I have visited only Kerala and Tamilnadu

    Modi ji – Only Kerala and Tamilnadu?

    Vinayak – Oh yes

    Modi ji – So, would you like to visit Delhi ?

    Vinayak – Yes Sir, now, I am applying in Delhi University for my   
        Higher Studies.


    Modi ji – Wah, so you are coming to Delhi

    Vinayak –  Yes sir.

    Modi ji – Tell me, do you have any message for fellow students who will give Board Exams in future

    Vinayak –  Hard work and proper time utilization 

    Modi ji – So perfect time management

    Vinayak –  Yes sir

    Modi ji – Vinayak, I would like to know your hobbies.

    Vinayak –  ……… Badminton and then rowing.

    Modi ji – So, you are active on social media

    Vinayak –  Not, we are not allowed to use any electronic items or gadgets in the school

    Modi ji – So you are lucky

    Vinayak –  Yes Sir,

    Modi ji – Well, Vinayak, congratulations again and wish you all the

    Vinayak –  Thank you sir.

    Come! let us go to Uttar Pradesh. Let us speak to Shriman Usman Saifi of Amroha in Uttar Pradesh.

    Modi ji-Hello Usman, Many many congratulations, lots of congratulations to you.

    Usman- thank you sir.

    Modi ji- Ok Usman, tell us whether you got the results that you wanted or the results were a little less.

    Usman- No, got what I wanted. My parents are also very happy.

    Modi ji-Wow, ok in the family other brothers…. are also as brilliant or is it only you who is so brilliant at home?

    Usman- It is just me, my brother is a little naughty.

    Modi ji- yes, yes

    Usman- rest he is very happy with me.

    Modi ji- Good, good. Ok Usman what was your favourite subject
                   when you were studying?

    Usman – Mathematics

    Modi ji- Wonderful! so what was the interest in mathematics? How
                  did it happen? Which teacher inspired you?

    Usman- One of our subject teachers Rajat sir. He inspired me, taught me very well and my mathematics was good from the beginning….. and it is a very interesting subject too.

    Modi hi – yes, yes

    Usman- so the more you do, the more interested you get, so that is
                why it is my favourite subject.

    Modi ji- yes, yes. Do you know about online Vedic Mathematics
                   classes being run.

    Usman- Yes sir

    Modi ji- So, have you ever tried this?

    Usman- No sir, not done yet

    Modi ji- You try, many of your friends will feel as if you are a magician because you can calculate at the speed of a computer with Vedic mathematics. Very simple techniques and nowadays they are available online too.

    Usman- Yes sir.

    Modi ji- Since you are interested in Mathematics, you can contribute
                 many new things too.

    Usman – Yes sir.

    Modi ji- Ok Usman, what do you do in your spare time?

    Usman- In my spare time sir, I keep writing one thing or the other. I
                 have a lot of interest in writing.

    Modi ji- That’s great! Means you take interest in mathematics too and
                   literature as well.

    Usman- yes sir.

    Modi ji- What do you write? Write poems, write couplets?

    Usman- Anything. I keep writing on any topic related to current

    Modi ji- Yes, yes

    Usman- I keep getting new information like we had GST and our
                 demonetisation-all things.

    Modi ji-That’s great! so what are you planning to do for college
                 education ahead.

    Usman- College education? Sir, I have cleared my JEE Mains first attempt and now I will sit for second attempt in September. My main aim is that first I get a Bachelor Degree from IIT and after that go to Civil Services and become an IAS.

    Modi ji- That’s great! Good, do you take interest in technology too?

    Usman- Yes sir. That’s why I have opted for IT. For first time, best

    Modi ji- Ok then Usman, many best wishes from my side. You must be having a good time with your naughty brother, convey my pranam to your parents. They gave you an opportunity like this, encouraged you and I liked that you study current issues and write too on them along with your studies. See, the benefit of writing is that your thinking gets sharpened. There are many benefits of writing. So, many congratulations from my side

    Usman- Thank you sir.

    Come! Let us again go far south. Will speak to our daughter Kaniga from Tamilnadu, Namakkal and talk with Kaniga is very inspirational.

    Modi ji- Kaniga ji, Vanakkam !

    Kaniga- Vanakkam sir

    Modi ji – How are you

    Kaniga- Fine sir

    Modi ji- First of all I would like to congratulate you for your

                   great success.

    Kaniga- Thank you sir.

    Modi ji- When I hear of Namakka I think of the Anjaneyar temple

    Kaniga- Yes sir.

    Modi ji -Now I will also remember my interaction with you.

    Kaniga- Yes sir.

    Modi ji- So, Congratulations again.

    Kaniga- Thank you sir.

    Modi ji- You would have worked very hard for exams, how was

                  your experience while preparing.

    Kaniga- Sir, we are working hard from the start so, I didn’t expect this
                  result but I have written well so I got a good result.

    Modi ji- What were your expectation?

    Kaniga - 485 or486 like that, I thought so

    Modi ji- And now

    Kaniga- 490

    Modi ji- So what is the reaction of your family members & your

    Kaniga- They were so happy and they were so proud sir.

    Modi ji - Which one is your favourite subject.

    Kaniga- Mathematics

    Modi ji- Oh! And what are your future plans?

    Kaniga - I’m going to become a Doctor if possible, in AFMC sir.

    Modi ji- And your family members are also in a medical

                   profession or somewhere else?

    Kaniga - No sir, my father is a driver but my sister is studying in

                  MBBS sir.

    Modi ji- That’s great! so first of all I will do Pranaam to your father who is taking lot of care of your sister and yourself. It’s   
    great service he is doing.

    Kaniga- Yes sir

    Modi ji- And he is an inspiration for all.

    Kaniga- Yes sir

    Modi ji- So my congratulations to you, your sister and your father     
                 and your family.

    Kaniga- Thank you sir.

    Friends, there are many other stories of such young friends whose courage and success in difficult conditions inspire us. I wanted to have as much as possible a chance to talk to young friends but time has its own limitations. I appeal to all young friends that they share with us their stories in their own voice that can inspire the country.

    My dear countrymen, across the seven seas, thousands of miles away from India is a small country called “Suriname”. India has a very close relationship with ‘Suriname’. More than a hundred years ago, people from India went there, and made it their home. Today, the fourth or the fifth generation is there. Today in Suriname more than one fourth of the people are of Indian origin. Do you know? ‘Sarnami’ one of the common languages there is a dialect of Bhojpuri. We Indians feel very proud of these cultural relations.

    Recently Shri Chandrika Parasad Santokhi has become the new president of Suriname. He is a friend of India and he had participated in the Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Parliamentary Conference organised in 2018. Shri Chandrika Prasad Santokhi ji started his oath with Veda hymns; he spoke in Sanskrit. He referred to vedas and concluded his oath with “Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:”. Holding the  veda in his hand he said- I, Chandrika Prasad Santokhi, and, further what did he say in his oath? He recited a hymn from Veda itself. He said-

    अग्ने व्रतपते व्रतं चरिष्यामि तच्छकेयम तन्मे राध्यताम |

    इदमहमनृतात सत्यमुपैमि ||

    That is, hey Agni, fire, God of resolve, I am taking an oath. Give me strength and capability for this. Bless me so that I keep away from untruth and move towards truth. Truly, this, for all of us, is a matter of pride.

    I congratulate Shri Chandrika Prasad Santokhi, and, wish him the best on behalf of 130 crore Indians, for serving his nation.

    My dear countrymen, it is also the season of rains. Last time too, I had said that the risk of diseases arising out of filth increases during this period. Consequently, it leads to overcrowding in hospitals. I urge you to pay special attention to cleanliness around you and keep taking immunity enhancers such as Ayurvedic kadha. During the times of Corona pandemic, it is imperative that we protect ourselves against other diseases. We will have to take complete care so that we do not have to frequent hospitals.

    Friends, during this rainy season, there is a large part of the country that is grappling with floods. Many areas of states like Bihar and Assam are having to deal with a series of difficulties due to floods. On the one hand, we have Corona and on the other we have this challenge. In such a scenario, all Governments, NDRF teams, Disaster response teams, Self help groups are working in tandem to provide relief and rescue in all possible ways. The whole country stands by those affected by this disaster.

    Friends, before we meet in the next Mann Ki Baat, 15th August would have already arrived. This time, our 15th August celebrations too will be in very different circumstances - in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic.

    I urge the youth, the people of my country to take a pledge of freedom from the pandemic this Independence day. Take a resolve for a Self reliant India, a resolve to learn and teach something new and a resolve to earnestly carry out our duties.

    The glorious height attained by our country is only due to the Tapasya, the perseverance of many an illustrious soul who dedicated an entire life towards nation building. 

    One such luminary is Lokmanya Tilak. 1st August 2020 will mark the death centenary of Lokmanya Tilak ji. The life of Lokmanya Tilak ji is a source of immense inspiration for all of us; one which teaches us a lot.

    The next time we meet, we will once again touch upon myriad things, learn something new together and share it with each other. I urge all of you to take care of yourself and your families and stay healthy. My best wishes to all the countrymen on the forthcoming festivals.

    Many Many Thanks.

    English rendering of PM’s address in the 14th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’ on 26.07.2020

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    Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh visited DRDO’s Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex during his visit to Hyderabad on 19th Dec 2020. Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri G Kishan Reddy and Dr G Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, DRDO accompanied him during the visit. Cluster DGs, Lab Directors and Programme Directors briefed the dignitaries about the ongoing projects and technological developments. On this occasion, Hyderabad based DRDO labs
    5. PM to address Centenary Celebrations of AMU on 22 December
    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will address the centenary celebrations of Aligarh Muslim University on 22 December, 2020 at 11 AM via video conferencing. Prime Minister will also release a postal stamp during the event. Chancellor of the University His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifudin and Union Education Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank will also be present on the occasion. About AMU AMU became a University in 1920, through an Act of Indian Legislative Counc
    6. Ministry of Tourism organises Domestic Tourism roadshow in Goa
    Ministry of Tourism, Government of India organised the domestic tourism road show in Goa today through its IndisTourism office in Goa . This event was organised in collaboration with Goa Tourism and Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG). This B2B event and second in series of domestic tourism Road Shows in the Western and Central Region that the Ministry of Tourism has planned to conduct since the Covid–19 outbreak was inaugurated byMs. Rupinder Brar , Additional Director General,
    7. Making the 600 million youth who will enter the workforceemployable will call for a rebooting of the education system states TeamLease Skills University
    Making the 600 million youth who will enter the workforceemployable will call for a rebooting of the education system states TeamLease Skills University Mumbai, 21stDecember, 2020:If our education systemhas to become a game changer, it will require an overhaul states TeamLease Skills University’s latest whitepaper “Skills University: Making the Transition from Employment to Employability.”According to the analysismaking t
    8. Global Indian Scientists & Technocrats (GIST) meet begins at IISF2020
    IISF-2020   Union Minister for S&T, ES and MoHFW, Dr Harsh Vardhan inaugurated the Global Indian Scientists & Technocrats (GIST) meet which is being organized as a part of the Indian International Science Festival (IISF) 2020. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Harsh Vardhan observed, “India is blessed with a large S&T Diaspora spread across the globe who
    9. Science policymakers stress the need for attracting youth towards science and cultivating innovative spirit
    Science policymakers underscored the importance of attracting youth towards science and cultivating an innovative spirit from a very young age to develop scientific temper at a discussion on DD news.  “The biggest challenge is to attract youth into scien
    10. English rendering of PM’s address in the 19th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’ on 27.12.2020
    My dear countrymen, Namaskar. Today is the 27th of December. Just four days later, 2021 is about to usher in. In a way, today’s Mann Ki Baat is the concluding Mann Ki Baat of 2020. The next Mann Ki Baat will commence in 2021. Friends, numerous letters written by you are there in front of me. The suggestions you sent on Mygov too are there. Many have expressed themselves over the phone. Most of the messages comprise experiences of the year gone by and resolutions for 2021. Anjali from Kolhapur
    11. Alternative independent news portals
    The media is how we get information on our daily basis. Unfortunately, many conventional media sources are not independent and unbiased. Common conventional media get a lot of pressure from politicians and economic powers, that´s why is important to always question everything they say. Because of this, it is good to know that there are alternative news sites which you can access in order to read or listen an alternative viewpoint coming from independent unbiased journalis
    12. Technology can be an enabler for India to position itself as a global leader and build better international collaborations: Prof. K VijayRaghavan, PSA
    Prof. K Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India, highlighted the challenge of being AtmaNirbhar in a world where one also has to be interactive internationally and how technology can be an enabler for India to position itself as a global leader and build better international collaborations at the ‘Fireside Chat’ organised on the occasion of the 9th Foundation Day of Global Innovation and Technology Alliance (GITA). “AtmaNirbharta need to be viewed i
    13. PM participates in Dev Deepawali Mahotsav in Varanasi
    The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi participated in Dev Deepawali Mahotsav in Varanasi today. Addressing the event, the Prime Minister said it was another special occasion for Kashi as, He said, the idol of Mata Annapurna that was stolen from Kashi more than 100 years ago, is now coming back again. It is a matter of great fortune for Kashi. He said these ancient idols of our gods and goddesses are a symbol of our faith as well as our priceless heritage. The Prime Minister said if s
    14. Razorpay and PayPal Partner to Help Indian MSME’s and Freelancers go Global
    Razorpay and PayPal Partner to Help Indian MSME’s and Freelancers go Global   The partnership will make international payments seamless and safer Razorpay is the first payment gateway to offer an integration with PayPal without code   Mumbai, 2nd December: Continuing its efforts to empower businesses with easy access to digital payment technologies,
    15. Fourteen healthcare start-ups win the prestigious innovation challenge by India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre
    Fourteen healthcare start-ups win the prestigious innovation challenge by India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre Winners were announcedduring theSweden-India Nobel Memorial week, at theinaugural ceremony of the ‘Health Talks’ - the AnnualConference of The India-Sweden Innovation Centre Mumbai, 02nd December 2020: India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre virtually announced the winners of the Innovation ch
    16. Inviting Ideas for PM Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat on 27th December, 2020
    Inviting Ideas for PM Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat on 27th December, 2020 Last Date Dec 25,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs) Login to Participate PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topi
    17. Transformation in Times of Crisis – A Post-Pandemic Leadership Book for Our Times has launched globally
    Mumbai, 7 December2020 –Transformation in Times of Crisis– Eight Principles for Creating Opportunities and Value in the Post-Pandemic Worldhas launched globally today.Transformation in Times of Crisis is the first book written by Nitin Rakesh, CEO of Mphasisand distinguished leader in the
    18. Monster Employment Index - 2020 Report: Job posting picks up pace, Indian job market sees recovery as 2020 nears closure
    Monster Employment Index - 2020 Report: Job posting picks up pace, Indian job market sees recovery as 2020 nears closureMonster Employment Index - 2020 Report: Job posting picks up pace
    19. PM addresses India Mobile Congress 2020
    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi delivered inaugural address at the virtual India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2020 today through video conference. The theme for IMC 2020 is "Inclusive Innovation - Smart, Secure, Sustainable”. It aims to align to the Prime Minister’s vision to promote ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’, ‘Digital Inclusivity’, and ‘Sustainable development, entrepreneurship & innovation’. It also aims to drive foreign and local investments, encourage R
    20. IMC 2020, Day 1 – The Virtual Event Flagged off with inaugural speech by PM Shri Narendra Modi; held five different sessions around emerging technology and network transformation in India
    Echoing the reverberating success of its previous instalments, the Day 1 of Indian Mobile Congress 2020 started amid much fervour. The first day not only welcomed the attendees with an inaugural speech by the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, but also witnessed a profound congregation of renowned industry leaders sharing industry insiders and deliberating on the future of Digital Technology. The day hosted five different sessions, deliberating on ‘Industry 4.0 – Smart Workspaces and
    21. NITI Aayog and Patna High Court initiate a drive for the use of technology to advance Access to Justice through Online Dispute Resolution(ODR)
    NITI Aayog in association with Patna High Court, organized the inaugural meeting in a broader engagement on efficient and affordable access to justice for all, through the the interplay of technology, law and innovation in the post pandemic world. This meeting was held on 7th December 2020 with a focus on ODR, with addresses byHon’ble Justice NavinSinha, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Chief Justice Sanjay Karol, Patna High Court,Hon’ble Justice Hemant Srivastava, Chair
    22. IMC 2020, Day 2: The Virtual Event presented interesting sessions on Sustainable, Secure and Inclusive tech; 5G, AI and Next Gen innovation wave, smart devices of the future, among others
    The second day of the India Mobile Congress 2020 commenced amidst much fanfare, drawing on from the echoing success of Day One, which had an inaugural address by none other than Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Day 2 kick started with a premier Telco's CEO Conclave on the topic - “Prioritizing Technology to Generate Sustainable Value.” There were seven other plenary sessions, including, 5G Use Cases + IoT - Innovation for the Super Generation of Mobile Technology; AI on the E
    23. PM to address International Bharati Festival, 2020 on December 11
    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will address the International Bharati Festival, 2020 on December 11, 2020 at 04:30 PM via video conferencing. This year the festival is being organised in virtual mode and will see participation of several national and international poets and artists. The festival is being organised by Vanavil Cultural Centre to celebrate the 138th birth anniversary of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharati
    24. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) celebrated Human Rights Day today
    Human Rights Day was celebrated by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in New Delhi today. Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri Nityanand Rai was the Chief Guest at the programme. In his address through virtual mode, Shri Rai said human rights have existed in India since the Vedic period. The lines, Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina Sarve Santu Niramaya in the Vedic Mantras, contain the spirit of the whole of humanity. He said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is always sensitive to mankind an
    25. Union Jal Shakti Minister inaugurates 5th India Water Impact Summit (IWIS) with focus on Arth Ganga-River conservation synchronized development
    The 5th India Water Impact Summit (IWIS), organised by the National Mission for Clean Ganga and Center for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies (cGanga)began today with the theme of comprehensive analysis and holistic management of local rivers and water bodies with focus on Arth Ganga - river conservation synchronised development. The summit was inaugurated by the Jal Shakti Minister, Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. He said that NamamiGange is one of the largest, holistic a
    26 CIMAP Scientist Technical Officer Vacancy Recruitment 2020 #Jobs 18 Days Remaining for Apply
    CIMAP Scientist Technical Officer Vacancy Recruitment 2020 CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR-CIMAP), invites online applications in the prescribed format from Indian citizens for the recruitment of Government Job vacancy posts of Scientists and Technical Officer from enthusiastic young and dynamic Indian Nationals involved in Product Development/Technology Innovation/Applied Technology/Translation Research having excellent academic record/proven ...
    27 Scientist and Driver Recruitment in NBRI Lucknow 2020-21 #Jobs 40 Days Remaining for Apply
    CSIR- National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Lucknow, a premier plant science research institute under CSIR. CSIR-NBRI  invites applications in the prescribed recruitment form from enthusiastic, innovative and young Indian researchers having an excellent academic record and proven scientific achievements for Recruitment to fill up the following Sarkari Naukri vacancies of  Scientists and Vehicle Driver Job Vacancies in CSIR CBRI. (Advertisement No. 02/2020) CSIR NBRI Scientist and ...
    28 India Post GDS Recruitment 2020-21 for Gujarat and Karnataka States #Jobs 2 Days Remaining for Apply
    Online applications in the prescribed format are invited for Gujarat and Karnataka Circles of Indian Postal Department from eligible candidates for the recruitment selection and engagement to the Government Job vacancy posts of Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) under Cycle-III/2020-2021 in the posts offices of the respective circles in the states in Gujarat and Karnataka states. (Advertisement Numbers - GRAMIN DAK SEVAKS CYCLE – III/2020-2021) ...
    29 Recruitment of Probationary Officers in ECGC Ltd. 2021 #Jobs 13 Days Remaining for Apply
    ECGC Limited invites online applications in the prescribed format for the recruitment for Sarkari Naukri vacancy posts of Probationary Officers (PO) from Indian citizens in various specialist/ generalist disciplines. ECGC limited Probationary officer Recruitment 2021 ECGC Probationary Officer Recruitment 2021 Vacancies     Probationary Officers: 59 vacancies (UR-25, EWS-05, OBC-16, SC-09, ST-04) (PWD-04), Pay Scale: ₹32795-62315 (Under revision since 2017), A ...
    30 Recruitment for Regular and Fixed Job vacancy in HIL India Limited 2021 #Jobs 18 Days Remaining for Apply
    HIL (India) Limited (Formerly known as Hindustan Insecticides Limited), a Govt. of India Enterprise, under the Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers,  invites application in the prescribed format for the recruitment of following Sarkari Naukri job vacancy posts on a Regular and Fixed Tenure basis for the year 2021. HIL India Job Recruitment 2021 Vacancies     Finance Manager: 02 vacancies in E-4 cadre on a r ...
    31 Recruitment for Law Clerks Trainee in Uttarakhand High Court 2021 #Uttarakhand 13 Days Remaining for Apply
    Applications in the prescribed format are invited from all eligible candidates for the post of ‘Law Clerks (Trainee)’ purely on contractual basis for a fixed tenure of one year (may be extended) in the establishment of High Court of Uttarakhand at Nainital. (Advertisement No. 01/Law Clerks (Trainee)/2021) Uttarakhand High Court Law Clerks Trainee Recruitment 2021     Law Clerks Trainee : 10 vacancies, Pay : ₹35000/- per month consolidated, Qualification ...
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