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  • I will talk about some of the intricacies of increasing traffic.
    Let's start:

    1. Use all the features of SEO
    Traffic is a source of potential customers. No buyers - no sales. Many entrepreneurs, when they enter their Google Analytics account, see graphs as flat as pancakes. Less than 200 visitors per day :(

    This is not enough for the success of an online business.

    No matter what traffic you have on the site right now, you can increase it by 2, 3, or even 10 times. But first you need the right content. These are materials that generate traffic and lead to sales. They drive traffic from Google. They create the image of an expert around you (and someone who wants to buy from).

    So, how to attract more customers with SEO:

    1) Take the time to get backlinks from trusted sites

    These are the ones that Google trusts. Feedback from such sites can increase your ranking and, as a result, traffic. For example, if you get a link on Wikipedia or on the site of a person-guru in your niche. If you have not designed your own affiliate eCommerce site than i recommend you custom cms for this purpose.

    Such resources already have a large audience. People and search engines trust them. If your material is published on a large popular site, you will automatically receive a large amount of new traffic. But if your material is not interesting to the audience of this resource, a link to it is unlikely to be published.

    2) Post fresh stuff more often

    Creating a blog and posting fresh material every 2-3 days can help you get a steady increase in traffic. But you cannot post any content and wait for a miracle. Therefore, before choosing a topic, think about the content you want to share, and always add practical advice. Content that is similar to advertising and does not provide something new does not work well. Use the following recommendations every time you are going to publish new material on the site:

    Create a blog and try to add at least 3 posts per week.
    Create a headline that catches your audience’s attention. For example, not "Baking with apples", but "5 super recipes for baking with apples that your guests will like."
    Blog Headers

    Always plan your materials. Not all content can attract attention. Material that tells exactly what a potential client needs and gives practical advice will help increase the amount of your traffic.
    3) Analyze competitor sites and find keywords with a low level of competition

    Find out which phrases your competitors are ranking for, and then create the best pages with those words. Use SEMrush or other services (see the full list here -  147 of the best SEO tools for a 2017 marketer ) . Here are some guidelines to help you solve this problem:

    Select competitors based on keywords. The more competitors you analyze, the more options you will have for yourself.
    Use SEMrush to find keywords that drive traffic to a competitor’s site. Check if any of the pages on your site match these keywords or not. If so, try improving existing content or creating content that pleases the user beyond the first 10 pages on Google.
    Choose keywords with low competition.
    2. Increase your presence on social networks
    The presence of powerful support in social networks is of great importance. One of the biggest advantages of such traffic is higher conversion. The algorithm of your actions:

    Choose a social network that suits your business. For example, if you are advising on proper paving, Instagram might not be the best choice.
    Stay active, but don’t overload subscribers. Learn competitor strategy and apply some ideas.
    Increase the number of subscribers and the level of engagement.
    Test and see when your posts get maximum response. Follow this schedule.
    Send event reminders to subscribers if you plan to carry out any interesting activity.
    Stay consistent and consistent across all selected social networks. Gradually, you will see a surge in traffic.
    3. Use the subscriber database
    Place a lead magnet on your site. Or write an article, part of which will be available only by mail and in order to receive it, you need to enter an email address or phones. Then start sharing the utility with subscribers, thereby building relationships with them.

    4. Increase the volume of your materials
    Create detailed instructions. If you think that no one wants to read such a canvas of text, you are right. Add graphics, pictures, examples. Your audience will be delighted with such usefulness.

    5. Respond to feedback.
    If your potential client left a comment on a blog, on a site, on social networks or sent you an email, be sure to reply. This way you build a long-term relationship with the audience. People will see that their opinion is valuable, and come back again and again.

    In addition, such comments will help make your business better, refine inaccuracies and understand what your customers really need.

    6. Use viral content
    It doesn’t matter what you do and what you offer to customers. Viral content is the best ad. This can be an infographic on your topic, some useful tips or a funny video.

    Many entrepreneurs want their content to become viral, and ... Fail. This is because they do not pay attention to sites that make their every post viral. Here are 3 secrets to help you:

    Write long headlines. 8 out of 10 people will click on the title to read it to the end.
    Use humor. It doesn’t matter if you made a picture, video, post or something else. If it is useful and fun, they will definitely share it.
    Use the right idea. What excites your potential customers right now. Give them a solution to their question. And remember that your publication must have a link to the site or brand name. So that everyone who saw the publication would go to your resource and turn into a client.
    How to improve website conversion after increasing traffic flow?
    Instead of a conclusion

    When you see a lot of traffic, it's time to focus on conversions. You will learn about how some elements of the site work only after receiving traffic. Here are some suggestions to help increase sales:

    Check the pages that get the most traffic. Do they have a call to action?
    Check your bounce rate and see if you’re using the wrong keywords to get traffic.
    Check how convenient your site is to use. Optimize it for mobile devices.
    Highlight the CTA buttons and make an offer that a potential client cannot refuse.
    Carry out A / B testing of landing pages and leave the version that brings the maximum number of conversions.
    Congratulations! Your business works like a machine and brings a large amount of profit!

    How to Generate Traffic to your Affiliate Marketing Site?
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