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  • Is your business strong in the country and you want to expand it globally? Global exposure is only possible if you prepare for it. Business communication with multiple countries requires expertise and precision. Whether you are in the public or private sector, you need professional translation services for more than one language.

    What are the advantages of using translation agencies?

    Better communication with customers: If your company needs to communicate directly with your customers worldwide, you will necessarily have to connect with many people who do not speak English. You can market your products to a much wider audience spectrum if you speak to them in their own language.

    Improve brand visibility: the potential of a company's brand is demonstrated based on different skills. Reaching more and more people is one of them. You have to cross the language barrier to create an image in the global market and that is only possible with professional translation services.

    Avoid bad reputations: You will be surprised to learn about some of the major marketing failures of big companies. KFC got its famous slogan "Finger-Lickin 'Good" translated in China as "we'll eat your finger". Pepsi translated its motto "Live life with Pepsi" to "Pepsi can bring ancestors from death!" in China. The original motto of the American Dairy Association "Got milk?" was ridiculed in Mexico because the translation meant "are you lactating?", when it should be something like "Have you consumed milk?".

    Mistakes can make a business look bad. Google translates words with multiple meanings and it has no way of knowing the context to decide which word is more appropriate. Another good example of the dangers of not resorting to a professional was the Galician product fair which was wrongly translated as the clitoral festival. Local officials in the town of As Pontes, in northern Spain, wrote the announcement in Galician, one of the official languages ​​of the region. Google translate was used to create the Spanish version, but it confused the Portuguese version of the word which means both vegetable and clitoris. Mistakes like these can destroy your brand.

    The experience you get from trained linguists: If you use professional translation services, you know that you are working with trained linguists. In addition to studying languages, the people who handle your texts have studied translation. They know how to deal with cultural problems and words with multiple meanings that Google Translate cannot handle. Also, a professional translator is faster than someone who does the translation in their spare time.

    Translation experts and specialists in your industry: Professional translators often specialize in a limited number of areas. If you hire professional agencies with translators who specialize in your area, they understand your industry or business. A professional translator specialized in a particular industry can provide a very high quality service.

    Translations that get results: If you want to sell, you will need professional agencies who know about SEO and marketing. A translation agency with translators who understand SEO can create more visibility for your brand. Amateur translators are unlikely to offer this service, and Google Translate definitely won't.

    Professionals who are part of professional networks: Translation agencies encourage collaboration between translators. Most agencies have a network of trusted colleagues they work with or can call. What does this mean for you? It means that the agency can consult a colleague if the project is outside their expertise. They can even request peer review if they deem it necessary.

    Always on time delivery: A professional agency can determine based on your experience how long the job will take. If you hire someone who is inexperienced or does not translate for a living, it will likely take much longer. They may need more time for inquiries and questions. When you use professional translation services, you know what work you will receive and when.

    The healthcare industry benefits enormously: healthcare units have to deal with a large number of patients from various countries. Also, there are many doctors around the world busy researching. Language should never be an impediment in medical research or in treating a patient. Professional medical interpreters and translators are very helpful in translating medical documents for use by physicians, who feel more comfortable studying in their own language.

    More job opportunities: Many people are passionate about learning different languages. Many industries, both small and large, hire translators and interpreters not only to facilitate their business communication with other countries, but also for marketing and project coordination.

    Drafting legal documents: Understanding legal documents themselves is an uphill task and if they are in a different language it becomes even more complicated. Professional translators ensure accurate and easy interpretation of legal documents aligned with the professional needs of attorneys, stenographers, judges, and other legal professionals.

    While these advantages can be obtained with individual translators, hiring a translation agency ensures that there is a rigorous teamwork and review process that is not the case with freelance translators. Also, agencies often have administrative support teams that make translators work faster as they don't have to deal with administrative matters at all.

    The importance of translation services for companies
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