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  • There are many types of business translations services. These include all type of corporations, from small businesses to large organizations, as its clients. They also include different type of documents related to document processes, such as conference presentations, contract negotiations, marketing material and client meetings, among many others.

    As a result of the current economic climate, a business translation takes on special relevance for companies looking to expand their business into new markets. Translations can enable companies to financially cope with global business changes.

    The translation and localization market is huge and it is growing every year. There is a lot of money to be made, and that attracts not only professional providers, but also unscrupulous players who cheat or are just cheap at providing good service.

    Before you understand how much a translation costs, you should ask yourself a more basic question: what is translation? Everyone thinks they know the answer to this question, but think about it for a minute: Is the Google Translate result really "translation"? If a language student translated something as part of his homework, does it deserve the same name as a professional-made translation?

    Unfortunately, there is not a single standard definition, and the nature of any creative work is that there will always be arguments about what is good enough and what is not. The good news is that there are best practices, widely followed throughout the industry, with the exception of some operators.

    The standard process looks something like this:

    Before translation: collect files, decide what should and should not be translated, gather reference materials such as translation memories, terminology databases, style guides, etc., get quotes and decide who will do the work.

    Translation: this is where the magic happens. A highly qualified bilingual professional writes the correct words in the target language, reflecting the original text in a precise and even aesthetic way. There are three things that can happen next:

    - The translator says that the work is ready, also known as "self test";

    - The translator sends it to a different linguist who verifies the work word for word compared to the source, also known as "editing", which adds 33-40% to the price;

    - The translators sends it to a different linguist who checks only the target language version, also known as "proofreading", which adds 15-20% to the price.

    - Finally, in most cases, automatic QA checks will be performed on the content to look for issues that the human eye may miss, such as double spaces or missing punctuation. These verifications can be carried out by the translator, the editor / proofreader or the agency.

    After translation: take the translation and return it to the environment it came from. If it is a formatted document, such as .docx or .pptx files, you should replace the original text with the translation and usually make some additional adjustments to the layout, line break, and fonts to make everything see well. If the text is from software or a website, things get more complicated and it may take a bit of work to integrate it properly.

    A translation agency is a work team that centralizes all the translation and design processes, as well as commercial services, so that a client does not have to worry about anything other than sending the text.

    Knowing this reality, it should not be surprising that a large number of translation services are required in the United States. In this context, many translation agencies are thriving. One of them is Pangenic (click here), which has offices in various parts of the world. This agency is proud to have been hired by the European Union, commissioned to develop a translation engine similar to “Google Translate” for the more than twenty official languages ​​of the member countries of the European Union.

    Another important agency in the United States is Seven Languages ​​Translating Services, Inc., which stands out for providing efficient, high-precision and cost-effective services on time. They send translations by email or fax and provide both an electronic and a printed file of the projects for future updates and revisions. They have a broad customer base who rely on its expert services, from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

    Whether a client is hosting a business meeting in the US or the Caribbean or has a foreign language proposal to prepare TODAY, the important thing is to do it right. The linguists at Seven Languages ​​have been DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY for over 20 years. They offer interpretation and translation services in Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian as well as a variety of Scandinavian, Asian and many other languages.

    Since 1986, they have provided translation and interpretation services to a wide range of clients ranging from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

    Some of the best translation agencies in the US
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