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  • If you need to communicate with a Japanese company and you don´t speak Japanese and they don´t speak English, you need Japanese translation services (here click). If you need this kind of services, we highly recommend you hiring professional translation services from an agency. This will allow you to have a native Japanese translator (this means his native language is Japanese) performing your translation. Also, he or she will have perfect mastery of the Japanese culture.

    For English speakers, Japanese is an extremely difficult language which can´t be learned overnight. Its difficulties are many: some phrases are constructed in a different way, while few or none references are made to the subject in the sentences.

    For example, in English we say "you walk", but in Japanese they just say “to walk”, using the verb in the infinitive form and without including a personal pronoun. In Japanese it is common to not use a pronoun when addressing another person, as it is considered rude. This language is specially famous for being extremely polite. Because of this and many other details, it is not only important to understand the language but also the culture of you want to achieve a good business relationship with a Japanese company. Therefore, you should always entrust your projects to a specialist translator agency!

    Japan is the third most important economy in the world. Because of this, you may find ideal business partners within the country. Because of the logical language barrier, more and more businesses are hiring Japanese translation services, which are becoming more and more demanded among translation agencies. Companies that need and request English translation services, and vice versa, often belong to economically important sectors such as fashion, nuclear, automotive, aeronautics, agricultural, electronic and pharmaceutical, among many others.

    Japanese is a real complex language. Because of this, only highly experienced translators will be able to understand its typographical and cultural. To ensure that clients receive real high-quality translations, agency project managers hire Japanese native translators who also master the English language. Professional agencies only hire those translators who have diplomas that are recognized by local official organizations and with over five years of experience in the industry. To be part of these agencies, these linguists must pass a wide series of complex translation and language tests.

    Japanese is the official language of Japan. Although this is a small country, it has a high population density, which means that there are over one hundred million speakers spread in the Japanese archipelago. Also, there are many other speakers in other parts of the world with important Japanese minorities, such as Brazil and Hawaii.

    Japan was the first Asian country to grow economically in the second half of the 20th century. Since then, it has had a privileged position as an economic power, even after the recession and global economic crisis. Its current popular culture and long tradition and history make Japan a global attraction. Therefore, the Japanese language, along with all its cultural products, does not go unnoticed, and is becoming more popular every single day.

    Apart from the language itself, the Japanese culture is extremely unique. Therefore, whenever a translation of Japanese or Japanese is needed, it must be done by someone who understands it. When translated from any language to Japanese, the linguist must be a native Japanese speaker. This is one of translation service´s golden rules.

    The Japanese language hides many secrets. If you're passionate about Japanese culture, you'll probably want to know more about its language even if you don't intend to learn it. It is a language and culture full of history and fascinating details.

    As said before, Japanese culture is important in the world. With no less than 130 million speakers, the language is the ninth most spoken on Earth (we don't know yet how widespread it is on Venus, Mars or Jupiter). It is true that this language is spoken mainly in Japan and its islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku); but it also has an important community of speakers in other countries of the globe: Peru, the United States, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Manchuria (China), Palau, Guam and Marshall Islands.

    Knowing and understanding all these curiosities about the country, its language and its culture, it is logical that translating from or into Japanese is not an easy task that should be underestimated. Therefore, the translator in charge of the translation job must be familiar with Japanese culture itself in order to fully understand the Japanese writer as well. Moreover, when translating into Japanese, the work should only be done by a native Japanese speaker, as there are many details to keep in mind that it is almost impossible for a non-native speaker to do so correctly. On the other hand, when translating from Japanese into another language, the linguistic should be native speaker of the target language, and have enough knowledge of the Japanese culture as well.

    Benefits of hiring Japanese translation services
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