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  • The media is how we get information on our daily basis. Unfortunately, many conventional media sources are not independent and unbiased. Common conventional media get a lot of pressure from politicians and economic powers, that´s why is important to always question everything they say.

    Because of this, it is good to know that there are alternative news sites which you can access in order to read or listen an alternative viewpoint coming from independent unbiased journalists.

    Have you ever assumed that media, and in particular the online media in the form of internet sites, are portals that show us different realities, and at the same time they are “using” us as an experiment to give life to their unique ways of perceiving and interpreting reality?

    The intention behind this article is to share different news sites who offer alternative viewpoints to their readers when they consume information. At the same time, we are paying tribute to some of the sites which have inspired us a lot. All these sites are extremely stimulating for us, and we enjoy a lot reading them. Information is constantly changing, and therefore, we must be updated by following some media source. The challenge is to find reliable sources, which are sometimes hidden among many biased sources.

    The sites presented in this article offer a variety of topics. Some of them are focused on common perspectives, while other share general information from a different point of view. In all cases, they are challenging for those with a conventional background. This list is, of course, not a definitive list; it is just a reflection of our likes after many years surfing the alternative net.

    Cceit is the first one to be mentioned. This site shares worldwide news from a different angle. It covers many topics as well as many countries in the world. There are extremely serious topics such as health, economics, politics and science, as well as less serious ones, such as sports, entertainment, travel and fashion. This site is number 1 on the list because is definitely worth visiting when it comes to get information about our world.

    Rogue Money is another great site. It was created in 2016, during the US elections. It is hosted by CJ and V, the Producer and the Guerrilla Economist respectively. The show doesn´t follow any political correctness at all, which is the first filter for conservative minds. This happens because the hosts are absolutely passionate about their show, and they openly express themselves, without caring about what other people may think. They cover mostly general interest and economic topics from the Unites States, as well as some important international issues. Their goal is to challenge those conventional notions of the real meaning of “America”. They also constantly talk about self empowerment and freedom issues. They interview a wide variety of guests, talking about cultural issues, economics and current affairs. This show is one of the best talk radio options when it comes to get a news update.

    Another amazing alternative to get information about economic and geopolitical news is X22 Report. Its host is Dave, whose mission is to expose and document everything related to how an economy collapses. In his show he covers all the most important current events. He has hosted over fifteen hundred episodes, with a big task of posting 11 videos per week; one on Sundays and two daily from Monday to Friday.

    X22 Report is definitely not for conservative people. He even warns his viewers to be prepared, which is his phrase before finishing every video. Also, he holds interviews ranging from 30 minutes to even more than 60. It is remarkable that he invites guests that think the opposite to him. While he is thinking that economy collapse may come soon, his guests may think the opposite, and that makes the show really interesting for those who are willing to listen to both viewpoints.

    The final site on this list is SGT Report. Its host is called Sean, who defines himself as the best antidote against corporate propaganda. The show has been on air since 2010, with a primary focus on economics and precious metals. He also covers politics and current affairs topics.

    Alternative independent news portals
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