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  • If you want the Past attempt CA final question papers with suggested answers then, you can download it in a few simple steps. The procedure to download is available in this article. Detailed importance is also present in this article. Further, the exam pattern of the CA final is available. From this attempt (November 2019), ICAI has made some changes which are also available in this article.


    Procedure to Download the CA Final Question Papers with Suggested Answers


    1. Go to the ICAI’s website
    2. You will see many options on the top of the page so find ‘student’ there. When you move to the student, a list would open.
    3. In that list, you will find ‘BoS Knowledge Portal.’ Click on that.
    4. A new page will open. On that page, there would be links to each stage under the new and old scheme. Click on the ‘Final Course’ under the course you are registered.
    5. After clicking, you will get all the eight papers listed. When you click on the subjects, you will find links of past year CA Final question papers, study material, mock test papers, revision test papers, and suggested answers separately.
    6. So, now you can click on question papers to get the past year question papers. Also, you can get CA Final suggested answers for previous attempts by clicking on 'suggested answers.'

    Note: Past year Question papers & suggested answers are available in both medium, i.e., Hindi and English.

    Importance of CA Final Past Year Question Papers


    It is necessary to solve Past Attempt question papers in every level of CA. However, in the case of CA final, it becomes a necessity as Finals are the toughest exams among all three. Most importantly, past attempt question papers consist of all the essential topics. Most of the time, ICAI repeats the past years’ questions in the subsequent attempts. You need only to skip two or three attempts question papers, which are just immediately previous to your attempt since ICAI does not repeat the questions which came in the last two or three attempts.

    Also, solving question papers makes you efficient. Since it always comes lengthy, so one needs to practice before the exam for learning time management.

    That is why every coaching institute considers it an essential part of the preparation of exams. So, never forget to solve CA Final previous attempt question papers and match with the solutions given in suggested answers.

    Given below are the benefits of solving question papers in detail:

    1. It Helps to Make a Complete Revision


    It will help you to revise the whole syllabus in a short time. Past attempt question papers involve all the main questions. If you solve the past ten years' papers, then it is enough to get all the essential topics of a subject. So, it is advisable to practice the question papers.


    2. It Helps to Manage Time


    Time Management is crucial in the case of CA exams as the papers are always extensive in CA exams. So, if you practice by solving the past attempt question papers of CA Final, then it would be easy for you to complete the paper on time. So, try to solve as many question papers as you can.

    3. It Helps to Develop Confidence

    Confidence is essential at the time of the exam. If you lack confidence at the time of attending paper, then there are chances that you make mistakes. When you solve with ease before the exam, then it makes you confident.

    4. It Helps You in Evaluating Yourself

    Self-evaluation is necessary for preparation. When you solve CA Final papers, you come to know your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you will know how much you are prepared for exams. So, you can again revise and learn things from your mistakes.

    5. It Helps You to Understand the Pattern of Exam

    You can know the exam pattern for every subject by going through the CA Final question papers. Since ICAI changes the Pattern every time and the change can be minute or significant. However, past year question paper also helps in knowing the Pattern.

    CA Exam Pattern


    The Pattern for CA final old and the new course is different. ICAI recognized it a necessity to make some changes in the syllabus and Pattern of CA exams. That is why it introduced a new one. The old one is only until November 2020. After that, only a new course will prevail.

    In the first place, you need to know the difference between the old and new courses. There is only one distinction, i.e., the change in fifth and sixth papers.

    In the new course, the name of fifth and sixth papers are Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation and Elective Papers. On the other hand, in the old one, the names are ‘Advanced Management Accounting’ and ‘Information Systems Control and Audit”.

    Also, in the new course, the paper will consist of two parts. The first part is multiple choice, and the second one is descriptive, with marks weightage of 30:70.


    The Institute will provide an OMR sheet for objective type questions. You will require to fill the OMR sheet with an HB pencil. After completing the paper, you will have to submit the OMR answer sheet, OMR question booklet, and answer sheet of the descriptive part.

    Important Note

    From November 2019, ICAI has made some changes to the new course pattern. In paper 6A to 6F, the question paper would contain five questions. You will have to attempt any four questions out of five, which would be in the form of a case study. Each question would carry 25 marks out of which 10 marks would be for MCQ and 15 Marks for descriptive answers. You will have to score 40% marks individually in MCQ and descriptive questions. Most importantly, the overall score must be 50% in all the subjects.


    Now, you can make your preparation better with the help of past year papers. We have furnished a variety of details about the CA final question papers and their suggested answers. So that you will not lack any information for your attempt. Finally, we hope that you will have an enjoyable experience at the time of the exam.


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