Online Practice Set Question for SBI PO, PO IBPS examination Practice Set 4 - Free Practice Set #educratsweb

Online Practice Set Question for SBI PO, PO IBPS examination Practice Set 4

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Test Duration :30 Minutes
Negative Marking: 0 % deducted for wrong answer

This test consists of question from English - 20 MCQ ; General Awarness - 20 MCQ ; Mathematics - 20 MCQ ; Reasoning - 20 MCQ ;

Random Questions from this Practice Set


A. Provide
B. Include
C. Connect
D. Support

Q – One big ( 41 ) between the investments in fossil fuels and those in wind power , solar cells and geothermal energy is that latter will supply energy in ( 42 ) . These “wells” will never run dry. If the money spent on oil in one yea were ( 43 ) in wind turbines the electricity generated would be enough to (44 ) one-fifth of the world’s needs.
Investments in infrastructure foe the new energy economy , which would eventually have to be made when fossil fuels reserves ( 45 ) , will obviously be huge. These include the transmission lines that ( 46 ) wind farms with electricity consumers and the pipelines that link hydrogen supply sources with end-users. To a substantial degree the infrastructure for the ( 47 ) energy sources – the transmission lines for electricity from coal and the pipelines for natural gas can be used in the new energy economy as will . The local pipeline distribution network in various cities for natural gas can easily be ( 48 ) to hydrogen distribution system.
For developing countries, the new energy sources ( 49 ) to reduce dependence on imported oil, freeing up capital for investment in domestic energy sources. (50 ) few countries have their own oil fields most have wind and solar energy. In terms of economic expansion and job generation these new energy technologies are a godsend.
A. Argument
B. change
C. Exception
D. difference

The ________ Missile is equipped with advanced high accuracy navigation system and guided by an innovaative guidance scheme.
A. Agni II
B. Prithvi-ii
C. Prithvi -III
D. Aakash -i


A. Sense
B. Impoct
C. Tension
D. Febrary

Four of the following five are a like in a certain way and so from a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
A. Sitar
B. Flute
C. Violin
D. Santoor

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