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General Knowledge Question (useful for SSC, Railway, UPSC, LIC etc exam)

Posted By educratsweb.comSSC 🗓 2018-01-01 👁 2238
Test Duration :30 Minutes
Negative Marking: 0 % deducted for wrong answer

This test consists of question from General Awarness - 125 MCQ ;

Random Questions from this Practice Set

Who has been called the father of local self government in india?
A. Lord Canning
B. Lord Ripon
C. Lord Lytton
D. Lord Mayo

Iron, necessary for the body, is abudantly found in
A. Egg
B. Green vegetables
C. Milk
D. Cauliflower

Duncan Pass is between
A. Andaman and Nicobar
B. North Andaman and South Andaman
C. North and East Andamans
D. India and Sri Lanka

In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) founded?
A. 1850s
B. 1880s
C. 1930s
D. 1950s

What was the name of the original World Cup trophy?
A. The Jules Rimet Trophy
B. The Fifa Trophy
C. The Coupe de Monde
D. None

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