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When Does 'The Office' Leave Netflix?

Long have we dreaded this hour — when The Office  makes its exodus from Netflix. It is nigh. At the end of the year, at the stroke of midnight on December 31, as the new year is ushered in, The Office will disappear and our lives will be inexorably changed. We're gonna have to watch The Office somewhere else. And so we sing a lament for the loss of Michael and Jim and Pam, of Dwight and Erin and Gabe, of Darryl and Kelly and Ryan, of Creed the Mighty and Kevin the Dumb. Charles Minor? Not so much. We lament for the Dundies, for Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, for Struwwelpeter, Megadesk, and Scranton, old Scranton — frozen in eternity... We lament. [...]

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'MasterChef Junior' Star Ben Watkins Dies Of Cancer At 14

Ben Watkins, 14, who appeared in the sixth season of the culinary competition show for kids, MasterChef Junior, died November 16 from a rare form of cancer. His family confirmed the news in a statement on a GoFundMe page called #Love4Ben. "Our Ben went home to be with his mother this afternoon after a year-and-a-half-long battle with cancer," Donna Edwards and Anthony Edwards, Ben’s maternal grandmother and uncle, said in the statement. "Ben suffered more than his share in his fourteen years on this Earth, but we take solace in that his suffering is finally over and in that, in the end, Ben knew he was loved by so many."According to The New York Times, Trent McCain, the Watkins' family attorney and the organizer of the GoFundMe campaign, said in a statement that Ben was an inspiration. "I have seen humanity and kindness up close with the outpouring of love and support Ben has received over the past three years." [...]

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The Best TV Ships Of 2020

We love love. There’s just something so magical and sweeping about seeing love stories unfold onscreen. That’s why we gravitate towards the whole concept of “shipping” our favorite TV characters, whether or not they realize their own feelings yet. To our great delight, there’s no shortage of captivating romances and burgeoning couples that keep us swooning year after year. While 2020 has been an overwhelmingly disappointing year as a whole, TV has given us a break as many of our all-time favorite ships experienced their best love lives on the small screen. These totally shippable TV couples provide us some much-needed joy during this unprecedented time. Some of this year’s best TV ships have given us bold romantic gestures, heart-stopping drama, steamy hookups, and sugar-sweet first loves. No joke, they deliver all the feels every time.Whether these all-consuming love stories are show canon or just fanon, there are so many incredible OTPs lighting up our TV screens with their intense chemistry. W [...]

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The Most Exciting Netflix Content Coming In 2021

Every year, Netflix churns out more and more original movies and TV shows. The record was set in 2020 and the streaming giant expects to release even more in 2021, despite all the production delays due to COVID19. Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings told Variety recently, "Next year, we’ve planned out the year — we’ve got a great selection of content... It’s still more originals than this year. It’s not up by as much as we first forecast, but it is up on a year-over-year basis." That's good news for us — the people who live and breathe TV. Even now, well before the start of the new year, we've got 30 new Netflix titles to get excited about. And you can bet there'll be about 100 more over the next 13 months. Bring on 2021! We can't wait to leave this year in the dust. These are the most exciting Netflix original movies and TV shows coming in 2021. It's never too early to look ahead. [...]

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Everything Coming And Going On Netflix In December 2020

The holidays are almost here! Christmas and Hanukkah are next. The end of November means new content coming to Netflix. It's going to be a good month. New Netflix Original movies from David Fincher (Mank) and George Clooney (The Midnight Sky) will please adults, while younger audiences should get excited for Big Mouth and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.Netflix is also rolling out a few other exciting originals, as well. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom will debut December 18. The Oscar hopeful stars Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman in his final film performance. Also look out for The Prom on December 11. Ryan Murphy's new musical stars Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman as big stars who come to a small town on a political errand.We also must mention, in terrible news, December will be the last month to enjoy The Office on Netflix. Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, Kelly, and everyone else will move to Peacock in 2021. Netflix is actually getting rid of a ton of classics next month — the Back to the Future movies, the [...]

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TV Shows That Should End In 2021

All good things must come to an end eventually, and all bad things must also come to an end eventually. With the sheer volume of new and old TV shows to watch, it's time for some to take a bow and bid us all farewell in 2021. Seriously. We'll be heartbroken to say "goodbye" to certain small-screen gems, but we can't say the same for a select few. Between network TV, cable, and the ever-growing list of streaming services, the list of shows to watch and miss is always in flux. At times, it certainly feels impossible to keep up with everything that is out there.Sure, there are plenty of runaways hits and unique, underrated TV shows to watch, but there is also an abundance of egregious flops. Heck, a series may start off strong, churning out several phenomenal seasons, and later turn into something utterly unsalvageable. Hey, we've all been there, right? A show tugs at your heartstring and then takes a wrong turn, but you feel like it's too late to quit. So you continue to hate-watch it, hoping that the TV gods [...]

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Ranking The Movies Of M. Night Shyamalan

In 2002, after The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs made him a household name, M. Night Shyamalan was dubbed "The Next Spielberg" on the cover of Newsweek. He was a star in the way film directors rarely are. His movies were unpredictable and Shyamalan's signature was the twist ending. The Sixth Sense was a genuine blockbuster, thriving off word of mouth to the tune of a $672 million global box office take. Then it went to the Oscars. The Sixth Sense made Shyamalan. Nothing could stop him.Then something strange happened. Shyamalan stopped making good movies. Critics feasted on his 2004 film, The Village, and haven't let up since. The odd bright spots — The Visit, Split — weren't that bright, and were overshadowed by years of contrived plots, silly twists, and plenty more. Had Shyamalan lost his touch? The director also wrote all his films and some critics wondered whether that was still a good idea. He seemed to run out of stories to tell. That Newsweek cover looked more ancient every year [...]

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Movies Coming In 2021 That Look Terrible

Well, we've covered the most exciting movies coming to theaters (COVID-willing) in 2021, and the most-anticipated 2021 Netflix content. Next up? The movies that do NOT excite us. It's tradition around here to preview the year ahead and it's always fun to try to pick out the flops. After 2020, next year is going to be flooded with movies. All the delays have pushed schedules back. That means 2021 could be one of the best movie years ever, but there will be a lot of bad ones, as well. What can we predict will be terrible at this early date? Read on to see. [...]

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Predicting The Most Anticipated New And Returning Shows Of 2021

When it comes to TV, 2020 is going out with more of a fizzle than a bang. The pandemic threw a wrench in many series' production times, leaving highly anticipated 2020 shows slated to premiere in 2021 instead. But that just means our evenings will be packed once the new year comes around. To help you plan your TV binging, we predicted the most anticipated new and returning shows of 2021. Many of these shows were first set to air at the end of 2020, but all of them are worth the extra wait. Some of the best new shows on Netflix are superhero thrillers like Jupiter's Legacy, which gives us an insight into what kind of pressures superheroes' kids experience. The best new shows on Hulu range from miniseries to comedies to dramatic thrillers, and the best new series on Disney+ either expand on the Marvel universe (hi, WandaVision,) or reboot childhood favorites (Monsters, Inc., anyone?)There are also a ton of returning shows many of us are itching to dive into. The best returning shows on Netflix span from Strang [...]

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Predicting The 2021 Box Office Champions

Predicting the box office champions in any given year is not easy. It used to be. However, with so many franchises now, many films have a shot at blockbuster status. Plus, 2021 will see an influx of holdovers from this year, all delayed because of the coronavirus. That includes the new Bond, No Time to Die, Black Widow, Dune, and many others. In short, 2021 is going to be a mega year for tentpole films. Here's a look at the movies we think will rule the box office, presented in chronological order by release date. [...]

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