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Bajaj Sleeq Room Air Cooler(White, 40 Litres)

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Published on offer from flipkart dated Monday April 30 2018 by Neha Sharma

Bajaj Sleeq Room Air Cooler(White, 40 Litres)Bajaj Sleeq Room Air Cooler(White, 40 Litres) Price 9999 7999 20 % Off

Large cooling capacity The higher air throw ensures that the cooling capacity of the air cooler is higher. The total cooling capacity of the cooler is as high as 600 square feet. High capacity water tank The water tank available with the Bajaj Icon DC 2009 SLEEQ Air Cooler has a large capacity. You can accommodate as much as 40 litres of water into it and be assured of continuous cooling all through the night. Durable build The air cooler is built with an attractive and corrosion free engineering thermoplastic material. This ensures that you can use the cooler for longer, thanks to the durable performance of the body and each component. Speed Control Two convenient knobs help you control the speed of air delivery. You can vary the intensity of the air flow depending on the conditions of your room. The multi-speed blower control can give you the experience you desire no matter what the season is. Water level indicator A smart indicator notifies you about the level of water so that you can tend to the same. This feature can be very helpful as it gives you visibility on when you need to fill the water cavity again. 4 way air deflection An important aspect in cooling is that it should be all-round. Thanks to the 4 way air deflection technology incorporated in the Bajaj Icon DC 2009 SLEEQ Air Cooler, you can ensure that the entire room is evenly cooled down and that the cool air isnt focussed at only one point. Portable with castor wheels Once youre done using the air cooler, you may need to put it away in a designated storage area. Even with its large size, doing so with this air cooler is quite convenient. This is made possible by the castor wheels that are attached to the base of the cooler. It can be moved around swiftly. A 70 feet air throw The air throw achieved by the Bajaj Icon DC 2009 SLEEQ Air Cooler is 70 feet. This makes it possible to place the blower at a distance and still experience cooling.

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