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Practice Guru Headmaster Test Series(CD)

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Practice Guru Headmaster Test Series(CD)Practice Guru Headmaster Test Series(CD) Price 299 299

GENERAL STUDIES : 1 Rajasthan, Indian and world history with special emphasis on Rajasthan culture and Indian National Movement : Indus Valley Civilization of Vedic Civilization. Jainism & Buddhism. Mauryan & Gupta Dynasties & HarshAwardhan. Literature, Architecture, Sculpture, Painting of Ancient India. Age of Rajputs. Sultanate Period _ Various Dynasties and Achievements of the sultans in the Political, Social, Economics, Cultural and Religious Aspects The Mughal Empire (1526 1707). Shivaji Chatrapati Achievements. Carnatic, Mysore and Maratha Wars. War of Independence (1857) Administration of Lord Curzon. Brahma Samaj, Arya Samaj, Vivekanand, Theosophical society. French Revolution. American war of Independence. Russian Revolution. First World War Causes and effects. Second World War. Prithviraj Chauhan III, Maharana Kumbha, Maharana Sanga, Maharana Pratap, Meera Bai, Dadu Dayal, Sawai Jai Singh, Veer Rathod Durga Das. Rajasthani Literature, Painting & Architecture. Prajamandal Movement. Integration of Rajput States. Tilak, Gokhle, Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Jinnah Their contribution to National Movement.. 2 Indian Polity, Indian Economics with special emphasis on Rajasthan : Indian Polity : Indian Constitution : Preamble, salient features, Fundamental Rights, Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy. Important Amendments to the Indian Constitution. Union Government of India Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. State Government, Legislature, Executive and judiciary : Local Self Government and Panchayati Raj system. Economics : Characteristics of Indian Economy, G.D.P., G.N.P. and per capital income in India since 2000. Indian Agriculture : Main crops, production and productivity. Land use, Main Irrigation facility in Rajasthan. Use of modern technology fertilizers and hybrid seeds. Industrial Policy and Industrial Development since 1990. Census 2011 India and Rajasthan. Human Development index, schemes of removal of unemployment and poverty : India and Rajasthan. Minerals in Rajasthan. 3 Use of Computers and Information Technology in Teaching : Introduction of computer, Definition, characteristics, type of computer, Generation of Computer. Number system Decimal, Binary, Octal Code, Binary addition, subtraction. Input devices, output devices, primary memory, secondary memory, Internet, Internet Protocols, Internet Service Providers, Internet Terminology (Like baudrate, duplex, Topology, browsers), Intranet, advantage and disadvantage of intranet and internet, Word Wide Web, Website, E-mail, types of E-mail. Computer Network Bridge, Routers, Hub, LAN, WAN, MAN, Introduction to computer virus, E-commerce, Multimedia. Computer Aided Learning (CAL), Computer Aided Instruction (CAI). 4 Rajasthan, India, World Geography : Rajasthan : Location, extent, shape, size, physical features, climate, demographic characteristics, agriculture, mineral resources, industries & prospects. India : Location, extent, its importance in the eastern hemisphere, broad physical divisions, climate, dynamics of monsoons, agriculture, minerals, industries and trade. World : Continents and oceans, geographical characteristics of the continents and oceans, climatic zones, planetary wind system. 5 General Science : Light : Reflection and refraction of light, spherical mirrors, refractive index, refraction by spherical lenses, power of lens, Human eye, Defects of vision and their correction, refraction of light through a prism, Dispersion of white light by a glass prism. Atmospherical refraction. Electric current and circuit : Electric potential and potential difference, Resistance of system of resistors, Resistors in parallel and in series, heating effect of electric current, electric power, electric motors and generators. Magnetic field and field lines : Magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor, Right hand thumb rule, electro-magnetic induction. Heat and sound :Temperature and its measurement, transfer of heat, seasons and clothes, production and propagation of sound, characteristics of sound, Noise and Music. Laws and equations of motion

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