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Practice Guru GATE - Computer Science Engineering

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ENGINEERING MATHEMATICSMathematical Logic: Propositional Logic; First Order Logic.Probability: Conditional Probability; Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation; RandomVariables; Distributions; uniform, normal, exponential, Poisson, Binomial.Set Theory & Algebra: Sets; Relations; Functions; Groups; Partial Orders; Lattice; BooleanAlgebra.Combinatory: Permutations; Combinations; Counting; Summation; generating functions;recurrence relations; asymptotics.Graph Theory: Connectivity; spanning trees; Cut vertices & edges; covering; matching;independent sets; Colouring; Planarity; Isomorphism.Linear Algebra: Algebra of matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations, Eigen valuesand Eigen vectors.Numerical Methods: LU decomposition for systems of linear equations; numerical solutions ofnon-linear algebraic equations by Secant, Bisection and Newton-Raphson Methods; Numericalintegration by trapezoidal and Simpson??_s rules.Calculus: Limit, Continuity & differentiability, Mean value Theorems, Theorems of integralcalculus, evaluation of definite & improper integrals, Partial derivatives, Total derivatives,maxima & minima.COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYDigital Logic: Logic functions, Minimization, Design and synthesis of combinational andsequential circuits; Number representation and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point).Computer Organization and Architecture: Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALUand data-path, CPU control design, Memory interface, I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode),Instruction pipelining, Cache and main memory, Secondary storage.Programming and Data Structures: Programming in C; Functions, Recursion, Parameterpassing, Scope, Binding; Abstract data types, Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees,Binary search trees, Binary heaps. Algorithms: Analysis, Asymptotic notation, Notions of space and time complexity, Worst andaverage case analysis; Design: Greedy approach, Dynamic programming, Divide-and-conquer;Tree and graph traversals, Connected components, Spanning trees, Shortest paths; Hashing,Sorting, Searching. Asymptotic analysis (best, worst, average cases) of time and space, upperand lower bounds, Basic concepts of complexity classes ??_ P, NP, NP-hard, NP-complete.Theory of Computation: Regular languages and finite automata, Context free languages andPush-down automata, Recursively enumerable sets and Turing machines, Undecidability.Compiler Design: Lexical analysis, Parsing, Syntax directed translation, Runtime environments,Intermediate and target code generation, Basics of code optimization.Operating System: Processes, Threads, Inter-process communication, Concurrency,Synchronization, Deadlock, CPU scheduling, Memory management and virtual memory, Filesystems, I/O systems, Protection and security.Databases: ER-model, Relational model (relational algebra, tuple calculus), Database design(integrity constraints, normal forms), Query languages (SQL), File structures (sequential files,indexing, B and B+ trees), Transactions and concurrency control.Information Systems and Software Engineering: information gathering, requirement andfeasibility analysis, data flow diagrams, process specifications, input/output design, process lifecycle, planning and managing the project, design, coding, testing, implementation, maintenance.Computer Networks: ISO/OSI stack, LAN technologies (Ethernet, Token ring), Flow and errorcontrol techniques, Routing algorithms, Congestion control, TCP/UDP and sockets, IP(v4),Application layer protocols (icmp, dns, smtp, pop, ftp, http); Basic concepts of hubs, switches,gateways, and routers. Network security ??_ basic concepts of public key and private keycryptography, digital signature, firewalls.Web technologies: HTML, XML, basic concepts of client-server computing.Additional Features! 1. Runs without Internet!2. Immediate scores and solutions!3. Compatible with Windows XP/7/84. Online support5. Complete career planner chart with PDF files containing relevant details6. Random questions in a test every time you practice!7. Exam Details (Syllabus /Pattern)8. All About This Exam9. Examination Tips10. Study Notes11. Previous Year Papers12. IQ Test13. Exam Calendar14. Career Guidance15. Motivational / Success Stories16. Fun Zone17. Other Products

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