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Easylearning Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2015 Video Training Tutorial DVD(DVD)

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Easylearning Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2015 Video Training Tutorial DVD(DVD)Easylearning Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2015 Video Training Tutorial DVD(DVD) Price 850 425 50 % Off

Duration :9h 43mExercise Files IncludedIntroduction 15m 23sWelcome 1m 33sWhat is After Effects? 1m 24sMotion graphics and video terminology 5m 13sWhat version of After Effects do I have? 59sWhat's new for 2015 2m 23sUsing the exercise files and relinking footage 2m 23sManaging keyboard settings 1m 28s1. The Fundamentals of After Effects 49m 9sExploring the interface of After Effects 5m 30sThe six foundations of After Effects 8m 33sUnderstanding compositions 6m 21sWorking with layers 5m 16sCreating animation 6m 23sApplying effects 5m 53sIntroduction to 3D 4m 43sUnderstanding rendering 6m 30s2. Understanding Compositions 33m 8sImporting files into After Effects 3m 28sExploring composition and project settings 5m 49sImporting Photoshop files as compositions 7m 0sImporting Illustrator files as compositions 6m 50sUnderstanding Pre-compose 5m 21sImporting and interpreting footage 4m 40s3. Building Compositions with Layers 56m 5sDefining layers 7m 49sUnderstanding the Timeline buttons and switches 5m 39sCreating type layers 7m 53sKerning-type power shortcuts 3m 58sUnderstanding layer solids 4m 55sLayer compositing: Masks, switches, and blend modes 9m 55sCreating design elements with shape layers 7m 14sUsing track mattes 8m 42s4. Creating Animation 57m 7sUnderstanding animation 7m 5sAdding and adjusting keyframes 8m 10sUnderstanding keyframe interpolation 6m 56sAdjusting keyframes in the Graph Editor 8m 18sThe power of parenting 6m 19sUsing null objects 6m 58sCreating expressions with the pickwhip 6m 57sTiming animation to audio 6m 24s5. Using Effects 41m 42sUnderstanding the order of effects 7m 16sGenerating backgrounds with effects 7m 49sAnimating strokes with effects 8m 33sUsing adjustment layers 3m 35sAdding gradients and glows 7m 11sCorrecting exposure and color with Color Finesse 3 7m 18s6. Jumping into 3D 1h 4mUnderstanding 3D in After Effects 7m 55sIntro to cameras 5m 8sIntro to lights and material options 7m 29sPositioning layers in 3D space 7m 51sAnimating cameras 8m 23sCreating depth of field 8m 26sExploring the ray-traced 3D renderer 10m 40sA quick look at CINEMA 4D Lite and After Effects 9m 1s7. Exporting and Rendering 28m 0sRendering with Adobe Media Encoder 6m 44sRendering graphics in the render queue 9m 8sPrerendering with Render and Replace 7m 16sWorking smarter: One render, multiple outputs 4m 52s8. Animating Type and Info Graphics 40m 20sCreating type animators 8m 2sCreating and animating type on a path 6m 44sAnimating shape layers 10m 11sAnimating repeating shape layers 7m 21sAnimating brush strokes with Paint 8m 2s9. Project: Building Graphics for Video Editing 39m 27sBuilding a lower third 6m 3sAnimating a logo, part one: Circles 4m 29sAnimating a logo, part two: Text 5m 7sAnimating a logo, part three: Surfboards 9m 52sAnimating a credit roll 6m 56sCreating graphic templates for use in Premiere Pro 7m 0s10. Repairing and Retiming Video 22m 58sTime stretching layers with Frame Blending 4m 33sRetiming with Time Remapping 6m 26sRetiming footage with Timewarp 5m 0sSmoothing shaky camera footage with Warp Stabilizer VFX 6m 59s11. Project: Keying Green-Screen Footage 22m 18sGetting started with Keylight 7m 0sRefining your key with Keylight 7m 39sCleaning up keys with masks 7m 39s12. Project: Rotoscoping 22m 2sRotoscoping with masks 10m 43sIntroducing the Roto Brush 6m 27sRefining the Roto Brush 4m 52s13. Project: Animating a 3D Logo in CINEMA 4D Lite 47m 3sMatching CINEMA 4D Lite and AE projects 5m 31sCreating 3D from Illustrator files 7m 59sExploring modeling in CINEMA 4D Lite 8m 14sUnderstanding materials 5m 57sLighting your scene 6m 55sAnimating in CINEMA 4D Lite 6m 28sWorking with CINEWARE and rendering 5m 59s14. Project: Tracking 24m 19sCreating a single point track 7m 21sWorking with the Mask Tracker 5m 26sSolving cameras 5m 2sApplied techniques: Matchmoves 6m 30s15. Project Management and Essential Preferences 17m 22sArchiving your projects 6m 26sRemoving unused footage 1m 49sMoving compositions between projects 3m 53sOptimizing preferences 5m 14sBonus Course :After Effects: 2015 Creative Cloud UpdatesDuration : 1h 21mIntroduction 3m 59s1. Updated Previewing 19m 54s2. Creative Cloud Libraries 28m 26s3. Face Tracking 17m 28s4. Other Changes 10m 39s======================================================================This DVDs are only suitable for a PC/laptop/Mac; it WILL NOT play on a TV ======================================================================

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